UK Political Crisis- Update

Prime Minister of United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, recently announced his resignation. He will continue the office, until the Conservative Party finds his successor.

Why did he resign?

  • Boris Johnson resigned because his close allies abandoned him, due to scandals that was shaking his government.
  • His resignation will start a leadership battle within Conservative Party as MPs are in process to put themselves at the centre stage of the race of becoming Prime Minister.
  • Meanwhile, India maintained that his resignation will not impact its relationship with UK. His resignation is an internal development and India is closely monitoring.

Who will be the next Prime Minister of UK?

  • After the resignation of PM Boris Johnson, former Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak announced to stand for the office of next prime minister. Rishi Sunak had resigned from the post of Chancellor recently. His resignation resulted into a wave of resignations, which forced Boris Johnson to resign.
  • Apart from Sunak, three other top leaders have expressed their interest in becoming the Prime Minister.


In July 2022, out of 179 government ministers, trade envoys and parliamentary private secretaries, 63 resigned in the Second Johnson ministry. This forced Prime Minister to announce his resignation on July 7. After the Chris Pincher Scandal, Rishi Sunak and Sajid Javid resigned as Exchequer’s Chancellor and Secretary of state for Health & social care, respectively. This was followed by resignation of several other members.

The Chris Pincher scandal

It is a political crisis related to allegations of sexual misconduct by former Deputy Chief Whip of Conservative Party, Chris Pincher, in the UK. The allegations of Pincher’s misconduct came to limelight in July 2022. UK government denied the allegations first, but later admit it. This led to questioning of raising questions related to earlier denials.



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