The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has recently launched a new security mechanism for Aadhaar-based fingerprint authentication. Its aim is to ensure a fast-paced detection of spoofing attempts by making use of artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities. The new mechanism uses a combination of both finger minutia and finger image to check the liveliness of the captured fingerprint. This will introduce a two-factor/layer authentication, further boosting the system’s security.

What is UIDAI?

The UDAI is a statutory body that was established by the Indian Government in January 2009. It comes under the aegis of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. It functions based on the provisions of the Aadhaar (Targeted Delivery of Financial and other Subsidies, benefits and services) Act, 2016.

What is layer authentication?

It is an information security management technique. Here the identity of the person is verified using more than one authentication process. There are different types of layer authentication. UIDAI is adopting 2-factor authentications. However, there is four layers of authentication where the verification is achieved through possession, biometrics, location and knowledge factor.

  • Knowledge-based: Uses a password or a security question
  • Biometric: Retina scanner, fingerprint scanner, etc
  • Location-based: detecting the presence of the individual in a specific pre-loaded location
  • Possession: Card or key

What is spoofing?

It is an attempt to steal data, spread malware, get access to a system, etc. Disguising communication is also spoofing. Spoofing is not hacking. Spoofing is like acting like the person; creating a false identity just like the original person.

What are the objectives of UIDAI?

The UIDAI aims to provide efficient and transparent governance. It helps the central government to develop policies for issuing Aadhaar numbers. It creates rules and regulations in accordance with the Aadhaar Act.

What is finger minutia?

It is the discontinuities in the finger. The fingerprint scanning system verifies the identity of the person based on the minutiae points. There are two types of minutiae points in the finger. They are ridge endings and bifurcations.



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