U.K misses UN deadline to end colonial administration over ‘Chagos Islands’

On 23rd May 2019, The United Nations (UN) General Assembly had given the United Kingdom (UK) 6 months’ time to hand control of the Chagos Islands, an India Ocean Archipelago back to Mauritius, the deadline of which has now passed.
On 22nd May 2019, The UN General Assembly voted 116-6 in favor of Mauritius and in a statement said Decolonization of Mauritius back in 1965 “was not conducted in a manner consistent with the right to self-determination and continued administration of the Archipelago constitutes a wrongful act” as Mauritius claims they were forced to hand over the Chagos Island to the U.K. for Independence in 1965.

The U.K. claims that it purchased the archipelago for $3 million back in 1965 and the archipelago was separated from Mauritius when it was still a British colony.

The UN deadline was non-binding, no immediate punishments or sanctions will be imposed over the U.K., but that could change.

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