Difference between a Private Limited Company and Public Limited Company in India

There are two types of the companies in India limited by shares viz. Private Limited company  and Public Limited Company.  A private company is the one which has a minimum paid up share capital of Rs. 100000 or such higher capital as prescribed by the Companies Act. Its Article of association mentions that the company […]

Timeline of Banking in India

The following table shows the timeline of banking in India, with major events and their dates. Timeline of Banking in India 1770 First bank was established at Cacutta under European Management. 1786 General Bank of India was set up. 2 June 1806 Bank of Calcutta was established in 1806; it was renamed in 1809 as […]

List of Countries under Focus Market Scheme

From 1st May 2013 Onward 1 Norway From January 1, 2013 Onward 1 Cayman Islands 2 New Zealand 3 Latvia 4 Lithuania 5 Bulgaria June 5, 2012 Onward 1 Algeria 2 Aruba 3 Austria 4 Cambodia 5 Myanmar 6 Ukraine 7 Netherland 8 Antilles Countries In Africa 1 Angola 2 Benin 3 Botswana 4 Burkina […]


Sub-schools of Vedanta and their Propounders

School Name Propounders Advaita Adi Sahnakar and his Guru Gaudapada Vishishtadvaita Rāmānuja Dvaita Madhwāchārya Dvaitādvaita Nimbarka Shuddhādvaita Vallabha Achintya Bhedābheda Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Purnādvaita or Integral Advaita Shri Arubindo Modern Vedānta Swami Vivekananda


List of Shatdarshana

Shatdarshana are 6 orthodox schools of Hindu Philosophy. They are as follows School Author Beginning Main Book Nyaya Gautama 6th Century BC Nyayasutra Vaisheshika Kanaad 6th century BC Vaisheshik Sutra Sankya Kapil 6th century BC Sankya Sutra Yoga Maharishi Patanjali 2nd century BC Yog Sutra Poorva Mimansa Jaimini 4th Century BC Poorva Mimansa Sutra Uttar […]


MukhyaUpnishad and their Vedas

MukhyaUpnishad Veda Aitareya Rig-Veda Bṛhadāraṇyaka Shukla Yajurveda Taittirīya Krishna Yajurveda Chāndogya Sam Veda Kena Sam Veda Īṣa Shukla Yajurveda Śvetāśvatara Krishna Yajurveda Kaṭha Krishna Yajurveda Muṇḍaka Atharva Veda Māṇḍūkya Atharva Veda Praśna Atharva Veda


Glossary of Vedic Terms

Vedic Term Meaning Aghanya Not to be killed Agnyadheya ceremony which preceded the public rituals in Vedic Era. Akshavapa accounts officer Amaju Lifelong unmarried girl Bhagadugh carpenter Bhishaka Doctor or Vaidya Charmana Blacksmith Datra Sickle Duhitri Milker of cow and also a daughter Gaura Buffalo Gavishti a fight for cows. Gocarman a measure of distance […]


Types of Marriages in later Vedic Ages

Marriage Type Description Brahma Vivah Marriage of a girl with the boy of same Varna with Vedic rites and rituals Daiva Vivah When father donated his daughter to a priest as a part of Dakshina. Arsa Vivah A token bride-price of a Cow and a Bull was given Prajapati Vivah Marriage without dowry Gandharva Vivah […]