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Glossary of Vedic Terms

Vedic Term Meaning Aghanya Not to be killed Agnyadheya ceremony which preceded the public rituals in Vedic Era. Akshavapa accounts officer Amaju Lifelong unmarried girl Bhagadugh carpenter Bhishaka Doctor or Vaidya Charmana Blacksmith Datra Sickle Duhitri Milker of cow and ..

Types of Marriages in later Vedic Ages

[table id=38 /] Anuloma and Pratiloma Vivah: The marriage of a man of higher Varna with a girl from lower Varna was called “Anuloma Vivah”. It was allowed by the sacred texts. The marriage of a girl of higher Varna ..

Rigvedic Name and Modern Names of Indian Rivers

Rig-Vedic Name Modern Name Sindhu Indus Vitasta Jhelum Askini Chenab Purushni Ravi Vipas Beas Sutudri, Shutudri Satluj or Sutlej Gumal / Gomal Gomati Krumu Kurram Drishdvati Ghagghar Suwastu Swat

Difference between Sodium Vapor Lamp and Mercury Lamp

Difference Sodium Vapour Lamp Mercury Lamp Light Source Works by electric discharge (passage of electricity through sodium vapours at high/low pressure) Works through the combined effect of electric discharge through mercury vapours and fluorescence from phosphors (luminescent materials). Process of ..

Difference between Soaps and Detergents

Soaps Detergents Soaps are sodium salts of long chain fatty acids Detergents are sodium salts of sulfonic acids. The ionic part of a soap is -COO- Na+ The ionic part in a detergent is -SO3 – Na+ They are biodegradable Some ..

Difference between Metals and Non-Metals

The following table differentiates between metals and non metals with their general properties. Metals Non Metals Except mercury, all metals all solids at room temperature Non-metals can be solids, liquids or gases. For example bromine is a liquid. Metals are ..