Space station

NASA-Axiom: First Private Astronaut Mission to Space Station

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) recently signed an agreement with Axiom Space. What is the Agreement? Under the agreement, Axiom is to send its astronauts to International Space Station. This is the first private astronaut mission to the ..


Chinese Rocket falls into Indian Ocean

The remains of Chinese rocket have crashed into the Indian Ocean. It is said to have been hurtling towards the earth. Hurtling is moving in a high speed, especially in a wildly uncontrolled manner. What happened? On April 28, 2021, ..


NASA scientist sets record of Longest Space flight be a woman

US Astronaut Christina Koch has set a record of longest space flight by a woman. She has spent 300 days in space. Highlights Christina Koch arrived at International Space Station on March 14, 2019, setting the record of spending the ..

China sends its 4th Human Spaceflight Shenzhou-9 into Space

Shenzhou-9, China’s 4th human spaceflight launched from the Jiuquan satellite launch centre in Gansu state. The spacecraft which is 30.3 feet long and 9.1 feet diameter is on the 1st manned docking mission and it will lay the foundation for ..


China: First successful unmanned space docking

Recently, two of China’s unmanned spacecrafts successfully docked for the first time high above the Earth. China has termed it a major technological breakthrough in its ambitious programme to establish a manned space station by 2020. The Shenzhou-8 spacecraft coupled ..


China launches Unmanned spacecraft: Shenzhou-8

Shenzhou-8: Shenzhou-8 is the name of an unmanned spacecraft of China that was launched recently for its maiden docking mission, paving the way for its first space station by 2020 to rival Mir, the space lab being run by Russian ..