Space Missions

UAE names first Female Astronaut

Noura al Matroushi has been named as the first Female Astronaut of UAE. First Female Astronaut of UAE Noura al-Matroushi was selected as the first female astronaut of UAE from four thousand other applicants. She is to be trained with ..


NASA to test the most powerful rocket ever built

NASA is to launch the mot powerful rocket in the world on January 17, 2021. NASA has named it as the “Space Launch System”. What are the Key Features of Space Launch System? The Space Launch System is to carry ..


SHUKRAYAAN: ISRO to launch Venus Mission in 2025

On September 30, 2020, the French Space Agency CNES announced that it is to participate in ISRO’s Venus Mission, SHUKRAYAAN that is to be launched in 2025. The ISRO chairman and his French Counter held talks to review the areas ..


UAE plans Mars Mission

The United States, India and European Space Agency have sent successful missions to Mars. China is now preparing to launch its first Mars rover in July. Now United Arab Emirates is to join the elite club of sending a probe ..



China recently named its first Mars exploration mission on its Space Day- as Tianwen-1. The mission is to be launched later this year. About the Mission Tianwen-1 is the first Mars exploration mission of China and it is to be ..

NASA scientist sets record of Longest Space flight be a woman

US Astronaut Christina Koch has set a record of longest space flight by a woman. She has spent 300 days in space. Highlights Christina Koch arrived at International Space Station on March 14, 2019, setting the record of spending the ..