Solar System: GK, General Studies and Current Affairs

Bepi Colombo Spacecraft reaches Mercury in its journey towards Venus

The BepiColombo Space Craft was launched jointly by Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency and European Space Agency to planet Mercury. The space craft has now crossed Venus on its way to Mercury. Highlights The mission BepiColombo consists of two satellites launched together. They are Mercury Planetary Orbiter and Mercury Magentospheric Orbiter. The two satellites will separate ..

What is Opposition Effect that will make Mars look bigger and brighter?

In October 2020, Mars is to look bigger and brighter due to ‘Opposition Effect’. What is Opposition Effect? It is the circumstance where two celestial bodies will appear in opposite directions in the sky. For instance, a full moon is said to be in opposition to the sun. The earth is then approximately between them. ..

Scientists Found Life Harbouring Gas on Venus

Recently, a team of experts while observing the Venus found that the atmosphere of Venus contains traces of phosphine gas. Phosphine gas is associated with the living organisms which on Earth. The team used telescopes in Hawaii and Chile’s Atacama Desert in order to observe upper cloud deck of Venus which is around 60 km ..

Neowise: A Rare Comet to be visible in the Indian Skies

A rare comet called the “Neowise” is to be visible in the Indian skies between July 14, 2020 and July 22, 2020. The comet will be visible for 20 minutes every day. Highlights The comet was discovered by Near Earth Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (NEOWISE) in March 2020. The comet is to be visible in ..

Indian Scientists detect ionized Fluorine in Extreme Helium stars for the first time

The Extreme Helium Stars are low-mass super giants and are devoid of hydrogen. So far, around 21 helium stars have been detected. The scientists at the Indian Institute of Astrophysics have determined Fluorine in Extreme Helium stars for the first time. Highlights The chemical peculiarities of the Extreme Helium stars challenge evolution of stars. However, ..