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China’s BRI is expanding

The Belt Road Initiative of china with Railways, ports, power plants and many other projects in dozens of countries is expanding at a slower pace, but is still expanding. US, china, Russia and Japan is concerned that China is expanding at their expense. The Panama leaders welcome China as they see trade opportunities with the ..


UN: Food aid for the North Koreans

The UN World Food Program called the White house and the other western countries to aid North Korea. North Korea is facing a food shortage of 1.4 million tonnes due to the heat waves and flooding. 40% of the population are already undernourished. This will have serious impacts on the children. The situation has arisen ..


Trump cuts assistance to Honduras, El Salvador and Gautemala

The so called northern triangle countries Honduras, El Salvador and Gautemala will no more receieve assistance from the United States. The President said as the countries have done nothing to the US, their funds are being cut. These countries also provide many number of migrants to the US which also a reason for the cuts. ..


US General: North Korean Denuclearization inconsistent

The general incharge of the US troops of the Korean peninsula said that the North Korea is not testing. However the production of nuclear weapons and missiles has not been changes. President Trump said that he was in no hurry to reach the denuclearisation deal with the North Korean leader. The regional experts have also ..


UK’s historic Royal visit to Cuba

Prince Charles and his wife Camilla visited Cuba on sunday. It is the first ever royal visit by the members of the family to Cuba. This is happening at a time when majority of the western world is denouncing Cuba’ s political and humanitarian crisis. President TRump reversed many of Obama’s policies towards Cuba is ..


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