NASA’s New Horizons mission gets a brand-new name “Arrokoth”

The International Astronomical Union and Minor Planets Center, the global body for naming Kuiper Belt objects, has finally given a name for the most distant world ever explored by a space mission. It is called Arrokoth. NASA launched the New Horizons ..

NASA renames faraway ice world Ultima Thule to ‘Arrokoth’

Ultima Thule, the farthest cosmic body ever visited by a spacecraft, has been renamed Arrokoth, or “sky” in the Native American Powhatan language, following a backlash over the previous name’s Nazi connotations. The icy rock, which orbits in the dark ..

NASA: finds Evidence of Water on Ultima Thule

(486958) 2014 MU69, also known as Ultima Thule, is a small, distant celestial object located in the Kuiper Belt, a region of the solar system beyond Neptune that is home to many small, icy objects. Ultima Thule was discovered in ..


NASA's New Horizon spacecraft flew past Ultima Thule

The New Horizon Spacecraft has flown past Ultima Thule, a trans-Neptunian object located in the Kuiper belt. This marks a new beginning in the era of exploration from the enigmatic Kuiper Belt region. Discoveries about Ultima Thule The New Horizon ..


Farout most-distant object ever spotted in our solar system

An international team of astronomers has discovered the most-distant object ever spotted in our solar system. It’s provisional designation is ‘2018 VG18’ & nicknamed as “Farout” for its extremely distant location. The pinkish dwarf planet is more than 100 times ..

NASA extends New Horizons mission

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has given its approval to extend New Horizons mission to investigate a mysterious object deep in the Kuiper Belt. In the extended mission New Horizons space probe will investigate a mysterious object known ..