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India-China Trade in 2021

The trade between India and China was around 125 billion USD in 2021. India’s imports from China stood at 100 billion USD. Most of the import demands were in machinery. India – China Trade in 2021 India faced a trade ..



Jivan Vayu: IIT Ropar’s power- free CPAP device

Indian Institute of Technology, Ropar has developed a device ‘Jivan Vayu’ as a substitute for CPAP (Continuous positive airway pressure) machine. About Jivan Vayu This device functions even without electricity. It is adapted to both kinds of oxygen generation units ..


What are Zeolites used in Oxygen Production?

The Air India recently airlifted 35 tonnes of Zeolite used in Oxygen Production plants from Rome to Bengaluru. What are Zeolites? Zeolites are aluminosilicate minerals. They are microporous material that is used as adsorbents and catalysts. They can accommodate cations ..


INS Kolkata reaches Kuwait to bring liquid medical oxygen (LMO)

As a part of Operation Samudra Setu II, INS Kolkata has reached Kuwait to collect Liquid Medical Oxygen from the country. Earlier it embarked 43 oxygen concentrators and two hundred bottles of oxygen from Qatar. INS Kolkata It is a ..


IGST on Import of Oxygen Concentrators reduced

The Ministry of Finance recently cut the IGST on import of oxygen concentrators for personal use to 12%. Earlier it was 28%. IGST is Integrated Goods and Services Tax. The decision was announced by the Central Board of Indirect taxes ..


Import of Oxygen concentrators for personal use permitted

The Directorate General of Foreign Trade recently notified that the import of oxygen concentrators shall be allowed for personal use. The Government of India has revised the Foreign Trade Policy, 2015-2020 to permit the import. About Oxygen Import The new ..