INS Kolkata reaches Kuwait to bring liquid medical oxygen (LMO)

As a part of Operation Samudra Setu II, INS Kolkata has reached Kuwait to collect Liquid Medical Oxygen from the country. Earlier it embarked 43 oxygen concentrators and two hundred bottles of oxygen from Qatar.

INS Kolkata

It is a stealth guided missile destroyer. In 2015, BrahMos missile and Barak 8 missiles were test fired from INS Kolkata.

Foreign Aid to India

Several countries have come forward to help India. Their aid is as follows:

  • UK: 215 Oxygen concentrators, 140 ventilators
  • Mauritius: 200 Oxygen Concentrators
  • Singapore: 256 Oxygen cylinders
  • Russia: 150 bedside monitors, 20 large scale oxygen concentrators, two lakh packs of Favipiravir.
  • UAE: 480 BiPAPs, 157 ventilators, Goggles and Masks.
  • USA: 423 oxygen cylinders, 210 pulse oximeters, 184,000 Rapid Diagnostic test kits, 17 H-size Oxygen cylinders and seven lakh Abbott Rapid Diagnostic Test Kits

The other countries that sent relief supplies were Germany, Thailand, Uzbekistan, France, Belgium, Romania, Ireland, UAE.

How are the foreign aid being dispatched?

The Government of India has set an inter-ministerial group to clear the global relief material as early as possible and make sure if the aid reaches the concerned department on time.

Steps to fast track the clearance

  • Goods of high priority are cleared by the Customs system for processing over the other goods.
  • The Nodal officers get alerts on email about clearance and monitoring

Other steps


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