Oil spill

Peru Environmental Emergency

Peru is a South American country. The Government of Peru recently declared an environmental emergency due to oil spill. The emergency is to last for 90 – days! What happened? Around six thousand barrels of oil were spilled into the ..



What is Deepwater Horizon Disaster?

It has been eleven years since the Deepwater Horizon Oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico exploded. The explosion that occurred in the rig on April 20, 2010, killed eleven people. What is Deepwater Horizon Disaster? After two days of ..


Ice Age Woolly Rhino

A perfectly preserved woolly Rhinoceros was found by scientists in Yakutia in Russia. Where was the Ice Age Rhino found? The Ice Age Rhino was discovered on the bank of Tirekhtyakh river. What are findings about the Ice Age Rhinos? ..


What is Kamchatka Disaster?

The surfers of Kamchatka Peninsula of Russia recently complained of burning eyes, fever, throat ache and fear of losing sight. In hours after these complaints, millions of sea animals began to die in large numbers. Their bodies started to litter ..


India-France to launch Constellation of Maritime Surveillance Satellites

India and France are to launch a constellation of maritime surveillance satellites to monitor illegal spillage of oil in the Indian Ocean Region. Highlights In August 2020, the ISRO and the French Space Agency CNES agreed to develop and build ..


Indigenous People in Ecuador sue Government over Oil Spills

The indigenous people in Ecuador have sued their government and oil firms for the April oil spills into important rivers. About the Incident 2 oil pipelines had broken and leaked 15,000 barrel of crude oil into 2 of Ecuador’s most ..