Ice Age Woolly Rhino

A perfectly preserved woolly Rhinoceros was found by scientists in Yakutia in Russia.

Where was the Ice Age Rhino found?

The Ice Age Rhino was discovered on the bank of Tirekhtyakh river.

What are findings about the Ice Age Rhinos?

Most of the intestine of the Rhino was intact. Also, the Rhino had perfectly preserved hair, soft tissue and a lump of fat. Its horn was found near its uncovered site. According to scientists, the animal died when it was three to four years old. The age of the carcass has been dated as 20,000 to 50,000 old.

How was the Ice Age Woolly rhino found?

It was revealed due to the melting of permafrost in Russia. Several other animals such as Mammoths, cave lion and foals have been found in the region due to permafrost melting.

How will Permafrost Melting affect Russia?

Around 65% of Russia is covered by permafrost. Currently Russia is warming 2.5 times faster than the other regions of the world that is causing the permafrost in the region to melt rapidly.

The Norlisk Oil Spill is the major industrial disaster that occurred in May 2020 due to melting of permafrost.

What is Norilsk Oil Spill?

state emergency was declared in June 20-22 to the oil spill. This was the second largest oil spill in Russian history. Around 20,000 tonnes of diesel were leaked into Ambarnaya river. The oil spill turned the river into Crimson red.

What is Permafrost?

Permafrost is the ground that remains completely frozen for at least two years. Permafrost is defined based on temperature and duration. The permafrost are Grounds that are known to be below 22% of the land surface on the earth. They are mostly located in polar zones and regions with high mountains. The permafrost is found in Russia, Canada and Alaska.


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