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Marathi actor Jairam Kulkarni passes away

Famous Marathi actor Jairam Kulkarni recently passed away in Pune at the age of 88. His last movie was ‘Khel Aayushyacha’, which was released recently. Jairam Kulkarni had acted in more than 150 films, which includes several critically acclaimed films. ..

The rare footage of 1948 film Vande Mataram becomes part of NFAI

The rare footage of an iconic Marathi film Vande Mataram (1948) has become part of the Pune-based National Film Archives of India (NFAI). A Video Home System (VHS) cassette containing about 35 minute footage of the film is part of ..

Marathi actor Ramesh Bhatkar passes away

Ramesh Bhatkar (70), the veteran Marathi actor, has passed away in Mumbai, Maharashtra on February 4, 2019. He was known for his roles in the TV series “Commander” and “Hello Inspector” and worked for more than 30 years as an ..

Govind Nihalani wins 2019 Kalamaharshi Baburao Painter Award

An acclaimed cinematographer and screenwriter and filmmaker, Govind Nihalani will be honoured with the Kalamaharshi Baburao Painter Award for his contribution to the film industry at the 2019 Kolhapur International Film Festival (KIFF). The 7th edition of the film festival ..

Vijay Chavan, veteran Marathi actor passes away

Vijay Chavan (63), the veteran Marathi actor who was known for his comic roles, has passed away in Mumbai, Maharashtra on August 24, 2018. The actor, who featured in more than 350 films, is best remembered for his comic roles ..

Dr Hemu Adhikari, veteran film and theatre actor passes away

Dr Hemu Adhikari (81), the veteran film and theatre actor, has passed away in Mumbai, Maharashtra on May 22, 2018. He acted in Sai Paranjpe’s “Katha” and Marathi films like “Dhyaas Parya” and “Harishchandrachi Factory”. He was known for his ..