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Post Retirement Jobs of Judges: Conflict of Interest

The appointment Justice Sunil Gaur, the retired Delhi High Court judge who delivered judgments in the cases which the opposition criticized as political witch-hunt as stirred up a new controversy. Other Similar Controversies Earlier this year in January 2019 Justice AK Sikri was forced to turn down an offer from the government to nominate him to ..


Committed Judiciary: Meaning and Issues

Committed Judiciary refers to the judiciary which is committed to uphold the policies of the government in power by interpreting the laws and the Constitution in a way palatable to the Government in power. Why it is in news now? The Judgment of the Meghalaya High Court by Justice SR Sen has triggered the controversy of committed judiciary. The ..


Collegium System of Judicial Appointments in India

The constitution of India has established an integrated judicial system with Supreme Court at the top and High Courts for states. Under a high courts, there is a hierarchy of subordinate courts viz. district courts and other lower courts. This single system of courts, adopted from the government of India act of 1935, enforces both ..


Judicial Independence is supreme and non-negotiable: CJI

Chief Justice of India R.M. Lodha has voiced his concerns about the growing attempts by various stakeholders to interfere and encroach upon judicial independence. He asserted that in times where Indian executive and legislature has lost its sheen due to humongous number of scams and wrongdoings, judiciary plays a very important part in maintaining the ..