China-Iran strategic agreement

China is all set to implement a strategic agreement with Iran, in a bid to strengthen economic and political cooperation between both the countries. Highlights In a meeting, China also reaffirmed its opposition to USA’s sanctions on Iran. Announcement for ..



Iran to allow nuclear surveillance by IAEA

On September 12, 2021, Iran agreed to allow nuclear surveillance by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Highlights Iran has allowed the international inspectors to install new memory cards into surveillance cameras across its sensitive nuclear sites and to continue ..


Iran launches advanced nuclear centrifuges

Iran recently launched Advanced Nuclear Centrifuges at the Natanz Nuclear Plant to mark its National Nuclear Technology Day. Key Highlights On April 10, 2021, Iran celebrated its National Day on Nuclear Technology. The celebrations were held in several Nuclear sites ..


Barack Obama publishes book “A Promised Land”

On November 17, 2020, the former President of the United States Barack Obama published a memoir called “A Promised Land”. It is the first of the two volumes that Obama had written during his tenure as President of United States ..


Fire at Iran’s Nuclear facility slows down development of Centrifugal Machines

A fire that broke out in the Natanz nuclear facility of Iran has caused significant damages that could slow down Iran’s Nuclear enrichment programme. There were no casualties reported in the incident. Highlights The Natanz Uranium enrichment site is located ..


NOOR: Iran’s first military satellite launched successfully

Iran recently launched its first military satellite. The satellite is to orbit at 425 km. This has increased tensions between US and Iran amidst COVID-19 crisis. Highlights The Iran Revolutionary Guards Corps, IRGC launched the satellite. Iran has used Ghased ..