Rasht-Astara Railway Link

In a significant development, Russia and Iran have recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to construct a rail link that will bolster the International North-South Transport Corridor (INSTC) and facilitate the expansion of trade between India and Russia. This ..



Khanjar: India-Kyrgyztan Military Exercise

India and Kyrgyztan recently held a joint Special Force Military Exercise called the “Khanjar”. The exercise was held at Bishek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan. About the Exercise The exercise was held for two weeks. It will focus on counter-terrorism and ..


Central Asia: Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan trans-border trade center

Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan have launched the construction of an international center for trade and economic cooperation called “Central Asia”. The Central Asia Trade center has been launched on the borders of the two countries. About the center The Center is ..


India gets first TIR shipment via Chabahar Port from Afghanistan

The first shipment under the United Nations ‘Transports Internationaux Routiers’ (TIR) convention arrived in India from Afghanistan through Chabahar Port of Iran. What is Transports Internationaux Routiers’ Convention? The Transports Internationaux Routiers is an international Convention aimed at harmonising the ..


First phase of Chabahar port inaugurated in Iran

The first phase of Iran’s Chabahar port (Shahid Beheshti Port) which holds significant strategic and economic importance for India was inaugurated was Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani. It is Iran’s only oceanic port located on the Gulf of Oman, southeast of ..


India to accede to the Ashgabat Agreement on transit corridor

The Union Cabinet has given its approval for India to accede to the Ashgabat Agreement, an international transport and transit corridor. The agreement facilitates transportation of goods between Central Asia and the Persian Gulf.  India would become party to the ..