Indian History

What was Butler Commission?

Harcourt Butler Committee or Butler Commission was a three -member committee headed by Harcourt Butler, appointed on December 16, 1927 to examine the relations between the native states and the paramount power, declined to define what paramountcy was but clearly and fortrightly stated that “paramountcy must remain paramount”. The committee fully endorsed that the viceroy, […]


Indian History: King Harsha Vardhana

The decline of imperial Guptas led to the demise of imperial idea in India. Since most of the great empires were built in north India under great empire builders such as Mahapadmananda, Chandragupta Maurya, Asoka, Kanishka and Samudragupta, it was North India which felt the impacts of demise of imperial idea. From Sixth century onwards, […]

Maurya Administration and Life

The Mauryan imperial polity held sway over nearly three quarters of India’s landmass for a period little less than two centuries. As with any other great empire, the genesis of Maurya Empire was in the economic and military strength of its heartland and the ability of its leaders to asset their military power beyond their […]

Political History of Magadha

Of all the Mahajanapadas, Magadha eventually emerged as most powerful mainly because of its peculiar geographical location. It was bordered by Ganga River in North, Son River in West, Vindhya ranges in south and Champa in East. The natural barriers protected Magadha from three sides and it was not easy to invade such a territory. […]

Satavahana Empire

Satavahana followed the Mauryas in Deccan of India. Satavahana dynasty ruled from Pune in Maharastra to Coastal Andhra Pradesh in the second century BC onwards. This dynasty was built up on the ruins of the Maurya Empire and around 1st century AD, they were the most prominent in the Modern Andhra Pradesh Region. They have been […]