New Record in Nuclear Fusion energy

The UK based JET laboratory recently produced 59 mega joules of energy from a fusion reaction. The reaction was conducted for five seconds. With this, the company has smashed its own world record. With this, the company has become capable ..



Scientists model Saturn’s interior structure

The scientists at the John Hopkins University have simulated the interior of the Saturn. The simulations say that a thick layer of Helium rain influence the magnetic field of the planet. Background Saturn stands out in the Solar system as ..


WASP-107b: Giant Exoplanet has low core mass

The researchers studying about the WASP-107b have recently found that the core mass of the giant exoplanet is much lower than what was previously assumed. Recent Study on WASP-107b WASP-107b is an exoplanet and was discovered in 2017. Earlier, the ..


He-abundance in Omega Centauri discovered by IIA

The scientists at the Indian Institute of Astrophysics (IIA) have studied the stars of Omega Centauri cluster and found some Helium-enhanced cool bright stars that are present among the metal-rich sample of the cluster. IIA is an autonomous institute of ..


Indian Astrophysicists: Lithium in Interstellar space & Red Giants have Connection

The Researchers in the Indian Institute of Astrophysics frame a connection between Lithium in interstellar space and lithium in red giants. The Lithium rich Helium burning stars also have connections with red giant stars. Highlights A team of scientists at ..


Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy detects Universe’s first molecule in space

The researchers have finally detected the most ancient type of molecule in our universe in space for the first time ever. They used NASA’s Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) to detect helium hydride in a planetary nebula NGC 7027 ..