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‘World Hearing Day’ observed on 3 March

‘World Hearing Day’ is observed on 3 March each year, to raise awareness on how to prevent deafness and hearing loss. Every year, World Health Organisation decides the theme and develops advocacy materials such as posters and presentations. ‘WHO’ organizes an annual World Hearing Day seminar at its headquarters in Geneva. The theme of this ..


New fossil remains- missing link in auditory evolution

A recent study published in journal Science shows the missing link in the auditory evolution in mammals. Hearing among mammals is aided by 3 small bones in the ear called the hammer, anvil and the stirrup bones. These delicate bones were absent in the earlier reptilian ancestors. Scientists have now found the missing link in ..



The Union Ministry of Science and Technology has launched SOHUM, an indigenously developed low-cost hearing screening device for newborns. The innovative medical device has been developed by the School of International Biodesign (SIB) startup Sohum Innovation Labs India Pvt Ltd under Department of Biotechnology (DBT) supported (SIB) The Sohum aims to make this battery-operated non-invasive screening device available ..