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‘Vyom Mitra’ unveiled by ISRO

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) recently unveiled the humanoid robot, called Vyom Mitra at the inaugural session of the conference “Human Spaceflight and Exploration — Present Challenges and Future Trends”, held in Bengaluru on Wednesday, 22nd January 2020. This humanoid with feminine features is to be launched into space ahead of the first manned ..

Space Astronauts Training for Gaganyaan to Start this Month

Four astronauts who have been shortlisted for the upcoming maiden Indian crewed orbital spacecraft mission ‘Gaganyaan’ will be receiving 11 months training in Russia which is expected to be started by the third week of this month- January 2020 as informed by the Union Minister of State(Independent Charge) for Atomic Energy and Space, Dr. Jitendra ..

First Indian Data Relay Satellite System (IDRSS) set for 2020 launch

To provide continuous communication support for Astronauts with the mission control during their space travel, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) will be putting up a new satellite series or a type of satellite constellation named ‘Indian Data Relay Satellite System (IDRSS)’, it will be similar to the American Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System, ..

Cryogenic Rocket Engine Technology

A cryogenic rocket engine uses a cryogenic fuel or oxidizer which are both liquefied and stored at very low (cryo) temperatures. This increases the density of the fuel and simplifies tankage. Why is a cryogenic engine used? In a cryogenic engine, the rocket propellants and oxidizers are cooled sufficiently and exist in the liquid phase ..

ISRO to set up Technical Liaison Unit at Moscow

The Union Cabinet has approved the request of Indian Space Research Organization to set up a Technical Liasion unit in Moscow, Russia for the better co-ordination of joint Indo-Russian and other special Indian Space missions. The government has sanctioned an amount of INR 1.5 crore for the upkeep and maintenance of the ISRO’s Moscow unit. ..

Union Cabinet approves setting up of ISRO Technical Liaison Unit (ITLU) in Moscow

The Union Cabinet has approved the setting up of ISRO Technical Liaison Unit (ITLU) at Moscow in Russia eyeing Russian partnership for 2022 Gaganyaan Mission . The unit will enable effective technical coordination for timely interventions on diversified matters with Russia and neighbouring countries for realization of the programmatic targets of ISRO. The ITLU will ..

Update : Gaganyaan project

In a written reply, Union Minister of State for Atomic Energy & Space, Dr. Jitendra Singh informed the Rajya Sabha that the Indian project to launch a human into space Gaganyaan has been approved by Government of India. The government expects the manned flight to take place in December 2021. What is Gaganyaan? The Gaganyaan ..

India Plans to build its own Space Station

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has unveiled its plan to build its own space station in low earth orbit to conduct microgravity experiments in space in 5 to 7 years. Indian Space Station The proposed Indian Space Station would be smaller than the existing International Space Station (ISS). While the ISS weighs 420 tonnes, ..