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UN: Food aid for the North Koreans

The UN World Food Program called the White house and the other western countries to aid North Korea. North Korea is facing a food shortage of 1.4 million tonnes due to the heat waves and flooding. 40% of the population are already undernourished. This will have serious impacts on the children. The situation has arisen ..


US General: North Korean Denuclearization inconsistent

The general incharge of the US troops of the Korean peninsula said that the North Korea is not testing. However the production of nuclear weapons and missiles has not been changes. President Trump said that he was in no hurry to reach the denuclearisation deal with the North Korean leader. The regional experts have also ..


President Trump rolls back North Korea sanctions

President Trump over ruled his own national security experts in favour of the North Korean leader Kim Jong ”un. He had rolled back the sanctions that were imposed on North Korea. The new sanctions announced recently against Iran and Venezuela had no say about North Korea. US believes that sanctions are the only way to ..


The first-ever UN’s International Day of Parliamentarism

The first-ever International Day of Parliamentarism is celebrated across the world on 30th June 2018 to recognize the importance of parliaments and their responsibility of representing the people. The day is not only an occasion to stress the critical importance of parliaments in any democratic society but also to reinforce the call for a global ..


New Delhi hosts 2nd India-Korea Business Summit 2018

The 2nd India-Korea Business Summit 2018 was held in New Delhi on February 28 to strengthen the economic relationship, boost trade relations and increase investments between India and Republic of Korea. The 2018 theme was “India-Korea: Scaling up the Special Strategic Relationship through Trade and Investments”. The summit addressed various issues across industries and was ..