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Major global cities to slow down according to research

New research studies have predicted that the growth in major cities around the world will slow down in 2020 and 2021. The Oxford economic researchers reported that out of 10 major cities across the world, 9 will slow down. Of the top 900 cities across the world, nearly two thirds is expected to experience slower ..


North Korea carries out Super-Large Multiple Rocket Launcher Test

The Korean Central News Agency which is the official broadcaster of North Korea has reported that North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un oversaw the test-firing of a “super-large multiple rocket launcher”. Super-Large Multiple Rocket Launcher The “super-large multiple rocket launcher” was first tested in an exercise observed by Kim Jong about two weeks ago. The present ..


2nd edition of International Day of Parliamentarism (IDP-2019)

The 2nd edition of International Day of Parliamentarism (IDP-2019) is celebrated across the world on 30th June to recognize the importance of parliaments and their responsibility of representing the people. The day is not only an occasion to stress the critical importance of parliaments in any democratic society but also to reinforce the call for ..


Laurentino Cortizo elected as new President of Panama

Laurentino Cortizo has been declared the winner of 2019 presidential election of Panama. The 2019 elections have been dominated by pledges to fight corruption and to tackle Panama’s image as a money-laundering country. Cortizo is the candidate for Panama’s Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD). His party was founded by military ruler Omar Torrijos in 1979, and ..


North Korea fires 5 short range projectiles

North Korea has been firing continuous launches into the oceans in response to the South ”Korea ”US military drills. The missiles were launched from the Hamhung and it flew 200 km before landing in the waters of North Korean east coast. The North Korea claims that the South Korea ”US military exercises are rehearsal for ..


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