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India records highest monsoon rains in 25 years

The IMD (Indian Meteorological Department) said that India received 10% above average monsoon rains in 2019. It is the highest in 25 years. States like Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Karnataka received 35% more rainfall than the normal. It is the highest recorded ..


Flooding in Assam

The Northeastern State of Assam is currently suffering from a bout of floods. While floods are an every year occurrence in Assam, the magnitude and intensity of flooding is rising as of late. The mains reasons for this is climate ..

Room for River Project: Kerala Wants to Replicate

Room for River Project is a flagship project of the Dutch government. It is aimed at protecting the areas adjoining rivers from routine flooding and improving water management systems in delta regions. Netherlands and Floods The Netherlands located in the ..

Report of Amicus Curiae on Kerala Floods

The amicus curiae Jacob P. Alex appointed by the Kerala High Court to assist it in flood-related cases has submitted the report to the Kerala High Court. The report makes the following observations: The sudden release of water simultaneously from different reservoirs ..


Government to set up Cyclone Warning Centre in Kerala

Union Ministry of Earth Sciences has announced to set up Cyclone Warning Centre in Kerala’s capital Thiruvananthapuram. It also proposed to set up C-band Doppler weather radar at Mangalore, Karnataka. This comes in view of recent heavy rainfall and concerns ..


Operation Madad and Operation Sahyog launched to rescue people in flood-hit Kerala

Indian Navy has launched Operation Madad, major rescue and relief operation in flood-hit Kerala. Indian Army also has launched Operation Sahyog to rescue people in flood-hit Kerala. Both operations will support rescue and relief efforts of civil administration and National ..