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Bepi Colombo Spacecraft reaches Mercury in its journey towards Venus

The BepiColombo Space Craft was launched jointly by Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency and European Space Agency to planet Mercury. The space craft has now crossed Venus on its way to Mercury. Highlights The mission BepiColombo consists of two satellites launched together. They are Mercury Planetary Orbiter and Mercury Magentospheric Orbiter. The two satellites will separate ..

SHUKRAYAAN: ISRO to launch Venus Mission in 2025

On September 30, 2020, the French Space Agency CNES announced that it is to participate in ISRO’s Venus Mission, SHUKRAYAAN that is to be launched in 2025. The ISRO chairman and his French Counter held talks to review the areas of cooperation between the countries. Highlights VIRAL is Venus Infrared Atmospheric Gases Linker instrument that ..

UAE plans Mars Mission

The United States, India and European Space Agency have sent successful missions to Mars. China is now preparing to launch its first Mars rover in July. Now United Arab Emirates is to join the elite club of sending a probe to Mars. Highlights UAE is the first country in the Arab world to plan a ..

ISRO’s Mangalyaan captures images of Phobos, Biggest moon of Mars

The Mars orbiter of the Indian Space Research Organization has captured images of Phobos, the biggest moon of Mars. Highlights The Mars Orbiter Mission spacecraft was placed in Mars orbit in September 2014. By this India entered the elite group of countries that hold an orbiter around the planet. The other countries that hold satellites ..

Gurgaon based Blue Sky Analytics won the Copernicus Masters Award

The Gurgaon based tech startup ‘Blue Sky Analytics’ won the Copernicus Masters Award, also dubbed as ‘Space Oscars award’ for its AI (Artificial Intelligence) based application to monitor and measure stubble burning and farm fires in India. The AI-enabled application that uses satellite-based data for monitoring is named Zuri. The Copernicus Masters Award started in ..