What is the role of night Watchman in test Cricket?

Generally, in test matches at the end of day’s play, a tailender is sent for batting in the place of capable batsman. His role is to retain the strike till the close of play and thereby avoid the more capable batsman from getting out due to poor light or a phase of extreme tiredness. Australian ..


What is Pinch Hitter in cricket?

In Cricket, Pinch Hitter term is related to Batting. It is used for a Batsman who is send to score quick runs without caring much about losing his wicket. Generally, Pinch Hitters are bowlers promoted up the batting order to play aggressively to score quick runs.

What is under arm bowling in cricket?

In Cricket, the term under arm bowling means, if a bowler bowls a ball in such a way that the hand of the bowler is below the level of the waist, then the bowling is termed as underarm bowling. As per the Laws of Cricket, an underarm delivery is not legal unless otherwise requested prior ..

Who is the only cricketer to score Quadruple century (400 in single innings) in test cricket?

In the History of Test Cricket, Brein Lara of West Indies is the only player to score Quadruple century in Test match. He Scored 400 against England in 2004. Previously the highest score in test cricket was 380 of Mathew Hayden Who is an Australian player.

What is Mankad in Cricket?

In Cricket Mankad is related to Run-Out. During bowling, if a bowler turns his arm round and rather than releasing the ball, hits out the bails of the non-striking batsman and runs him out, then this type of dismissal is called as a Mankad. It is named after the Indian cricketer Vinoo Mankad who had ..