What is Death overs in Cricket?

Generally, the term Death overs is used in limited overs cricket like One Day Internationals, T20. The final few overs of a limited overs Cricket game are called the Death Overs. Death overs are also called as Slog Overs. There is no established number of overs that constitute the death overs in Cricket but in a ..


What is Chinaman bowling in Cricket?

In General, Chinaman bowling means left-arm-leg-spin. While a leg spinner turns the ball away from the right hander, a Chinaman bowler brings it back into him, which can sometimes make life difficult. This type of Bowling considered to be more dangerous because of the sharp turn it generates into a right hander or away from ..

What is Brace in Cricket?

In Cricket terms, Brace is related to Bowling. When two wickets taken off in two consecutive delivers then it is Brace, if three wickets in three consecutive balls then it is hat-trick.

What is Block hole in Cricket?

In cricket terminology Block hole means the region between where the Batsman rests his bat and his toes to receive delivery. For Bowlers it is the target area to deliver Yorkers.  

What is Anchor role in cricket?

In Cricket terminology Anchor role is related to Batsman. An Anchor is a top order batsman who plays defensively and is capable to bat for a long time during the innings. Generally, batsmen at the 3rd and 4th positions play such a role. Often, he may become the top scorer of the innings.