What is Catch Up Effect?

Catch Up Effect refers to the faster growth is observed in poor and developing economies in comparison to the ones with a higher per capita income and gradually reach the same levels. It shows that there is a possibility that all the economies may combine as far as income per head is concerned gradually. Thus ..


What is the definition of Capital Protection Fund?

Capital Protection fund is a type of hybrid fund. It is a closed-end fund so its main aim is to protect the capital of the investors even in case of a downturn in the markets by defining the scope for appreciation of the capital and participating in upturns of the market. The portfolio of these ..

What is a Bonus Share?

Additional shares which are distributed to the current shareholders with no extra price are known as Bonus Shares. They are usually given depending on the number of shares owned by a shareholder. These shares are basically built up earnings of the company which it converts into free shares instead of giving in form of dividends. ..

Which is the only country in the World that has no capital?

Nauru which is bigger than Vatican City has no official capital. All the administrative and government functions of the country are done in Yaren city. Nauru is an island country located in Pacific Ocean and it is the third smallest nation in terms of area. First two smallest nations in terms of area are-Vatican City ..