Ernakulam: First District to register 10,000 new MSMEs

The Kerala Government launched the Enterprises Campaign during its 2022-23 budget. Also, the state government declared the financial year 2022-23 as the Year of Enterprises. This was done to boost the development of the MSME sector in the state. The campaign was held in different parts of the state under the tagline “My Enterprises, Nations Pride”. Because of the campaign the number of MSME companies in the state increased. Today Ernakulam has become the first district in the state to register more than ten thousand new MSMEs. The other districts such as Thrissur and Malappuram are also moving close to the number.

How did Ernakulum achieve this?

The connectivity and the communication network in the state of Kerala are high. Also, because of the high literacy rate availability of qualified and skilled people are adequate. Industrial infrastructure facilities are also easily available. The Ernakulum district used all these facilities to increase its MSME numbers.

What factors helped the MSME of Ernakulum achieve this?

  • Increased access to loans
  • Promotion in infrastructure-based development
  • Progress in technology
  • Industrialization
  • Steps were taken to revive the artisans in remote areas

The MSME sector provides opportunities for its dependents to evolve on their own. Boost in the MSME sector increases job opportunities and diversifies the GDP of the country.




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