Top sugarcane Producing Countries

In terms of production, Sugarcane is the world’s largest crop. In 2012, around 1.83 billion tons of sugarcane was produced worldwide. Top sugar producing countries are Brazil, India, China, Thailand, Pakistan and Mexico.

About Sugarcane plant

Taxonomically, Sugarcane belongs to Poaceae family of true grasses. It is a tropical and perennial grass which attains a length of 10 to 20 feet. A single plant of sugarcane has ‘many stems’ in a tuft. There are five different species of Sugarcane viz. Saccharum officinarum, Saccharum barberi, Saccharum sinense, Saccharum spotaneum and Saccharum robustum. The first one Saccharum officinarum is most grown and last two species viz. Saccharum spotaneum and Saccharum robustum. are wild.

Since ancient times, Sugar has been produced in the local units in India using traditional Khandsari process.  Modern Sugar making was introduced in India probably by Dutch. The first Sugar Mill was started in India in Bihar in 1903; followed by another unit in 1904 in Uttar Pradesh. By mid of the 20th century Sugar Industry expanded and before India’s independence there were 138 sugar mills in India. After partition around 67% sugar mills came in share of India and remaining in share of Pakistan.

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