Stardust 1.0- First rocket that runs on Biofuel

Recently, the launch vehicle Stardust 1.0 was launched from a former military base in US called Loring Commerce Centre.

Significance of the Launch

  • The launch of the vehicle is significant in the light that this is the 1st commercial space launch that is powered by biofuel.
  • Launching the Stardust 1.0 is also significant for Maine because, it is the first commercial rocket launch for the state.

About Stardust 1.0

  • The launch vehicle Stardust 1.0 is suitable for student and budget payloads.
  • It is 20 feet in height and approximately 250 kg in weight.
  • The launch vehicle can carry a maximum payload mass of 8 kg.
  • In its first launch, the rocket carried three payloads including,
  1. A metal alloy which is designed to lessen vibrations,
  2. A CubeSat prototype which was built by high school students, and
  3. A CubeSat that was procured from software company Rocket Insights.
  • The launch vehicle will be used to launch the small satellites called CubeSats into space. The satellite will be launched in less toxic and relatively cheaper manner as opposed to the traditional rocket fuel
  • The Stardust rocket launch vehicle has been manufactured by bluShift.

BluShift Company

  • It is an aerospace company based in Maine, US. This company is involved in developing the rockets powered by bio-derived fuels.
  • Blushift was manufacturing the Stardust 1.0 launch vehicle since 2014.
  • The company is also developing other rockets such as Stardust Gen. 2, Starless Rouge, and Red Dwarf.


Fuel produced through the contemporary processes from biomass which can directly be converted into liquid fuels.  It is not produced by the usual slow geological processes of formation of fossil fuels like oil.

Maine State

The state is situated in the New England region of North-eastern United States (US) having its capital city Augusta. It is bordered by New Hampshire in the west, Atlantic Ocean in the southeast and Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Quebec respectively in the northeast and northwest. The state is the 12th-smallest by area. The most populous city of the state is Portland.


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