Ramisyllis kingghidorahi: New Species of Branching Worm

The marine biologists recently described the third species of syllid worm. It was named as Ramisyllis kingghidorahi. The species was found in shallow waters of Sado island in Japan. It was found inside the sponges.

About the new species

  • The newly discovered species is type of branching worm.
  • With this, three branching worms are known to humans. The other two are Ramisyllis multicaudata and Syllis ramosa. The R. multicaudata was identified in 2012.

Name reason

The speices has been named after King Ghidorah, a fictitious character. Ghidorah is a two tailed and three headed monster enemy of Godzilla.

Features of the new species

  • The new species has regenerative capacity. The worms live inside the sponges. And the relation between the sponges and these worms is still a mystery to the scientists.
  • The worm is capable of budding terminally, laterally and wherever the broken surface occurs.
  • The worm has an asymmetrical body.
  • It is not visible to naked eye.
  • The body is fragile and breaks easily.
  • Just like R multicudata, this species also has two pairs of eyes, three antennae, two pairs of tentacular cirri and a pair of palps.
  • The head of all the three species is hidden deep inside the sponge.

Ramisyllis multicudata

It was first discovered in 2006 and was described in 2012. The worm is still a wonder to the scientists. The scientists are not able to decipher how the worm gets enough nourishment.


These branching worms belong to the class of annelids. They are segmented. Each segment has a set of organs.



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