Private sector investment in Inland Waterway Transport to speedup

The PM has pioneered a move to speedup the growth and usage of Inland Waterways Transport involving the private sector and Public Sector Undertakings. The go-ahead will harness potential of inland waterways in transporting bulk cargo like coal, fly ash, Over Dimensional Cargo, fertilizers, food grains, project cargo and containers at competitory cost for the public and private sector companies. Passable use of waterways will also facilitate the load on rail and road infrastructure.

For this, a 3-party agreement signed amongst the NTPC, IWAI (Inland Waterways Authority of India) and a private developer has led to competitive transportation rates for the NTPC while private sector investment of about Rs 650 crore has been entrusted. This accord concerns to the ‘Farakka Power Project’.

The following finalities were also specified in the meeting:-

  • NTPC to render long term cargo allegiance for 3 million metric tons of coal for Barh power project once all its five units are operational by 2016-17.
  • Under the Non Lapsable Central Pool of Resources (NLCPR) scheme, the execution of Coal handling facility at Jogighopa and rail connectivity to be taken up.
  • FCI (Food Corporation of India) to efficiently furnish long term cargo commitment for 3 years for transportation of food grains to Tripura and Assam from Kolkata and within Assam.
  • MEA to try to stretch the period of Trade and Transit Protocol beyond March.
  • Further, efforts to be made for ahead of time completion of Ashuganj multi-modal port by Bangladesh and its regular use as a transit port. allegiance
  • Ministry of Shipping to regard furnishing extra money, if need be, to ascertain night navigation facilities on Indo-Bangladesh Protocol route.
  • CONCOR to provide firm commitment for transportation of part of their container cargo from Pandu via IWT.

The advancement on these decisions to be reexamined in 2 months time by the Principal Secretary to PM.



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