Pedro Castillo: Peru’s new president-elect

Pedro Castillo has been announced as Peru’s new president-elect, six weeks after a polarising vote in which, Keliko Fujimori, Castillo’s right wing rival, had alleged electoral fraud.


Key Points

  • The official count was released on Monday which Castillo has defeated Fujimori.
  • Castillo’s supporters include Peru’s poor and rural citizens
  • Fujimori after her defeat now faces trial on corruption charges.


Castillo’s promises

  • Castillo had campaigned for the president’s post by promising to improve the lives of Peruvians who are hit with recession which is being worsened by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Peru’s per capita death rate from COVID-19 is the highest in the world and Castillo has promised to improve this harrowing situation.
  • Castillo has also pledged to redraft the constitution of the country and also wants to increase taxes on the various mining firms.


About Pedro Castillo

The son of peasant farmers Castillo is the first person from outside the elite to become president despite the economic gains of the past 20 years. Castillo used to work as a primary school teacher in native village in the northern region of Peru and was best known for leading a national strike four years ago before running for the presidency.


After, The United States, European Union and 14 other electoral missions determined that the voting in the country was done in a fair manner; Fujimori said that she would accept Castillo’s victory, after previously having accused him of electoral fraud without having any evidence.


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