NCRB’s ‘Crime in India’ Report

The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) has released its latest report titled ‘Crime in India,’ revealing significant trends in crime statistics for the year 2022. The key highlights include a notable increase in cybercrimes by 24%, economic offences by 11%, crimes against senior citizens by 9%, and crimes against women by 4%.

Cybercrime on the Rise

The report indicates a surge in cybercrimes, with 65,893 cases registered in 2022, reflecting a substantial increase of 24.4% compared to the previous year. The motive behind 64.8% of these cybercrime cases was fraud (42,710 cases), followed by extortion at 5.5% (3,648 cases) and sexual exploitation at 5.2% (3,434 cases).

Economic Offences

Economic offences also witnessed an uptick, with 1,93,385 cases registered in 2022, marking an 11.1% increase from the previous year. Within economic offences, forgery, cheating, and fraud (FCF) accounted for the majority, totaling 1,70,901 cases. Other categories include criminal breach of trust (21,814 cases) and counterfeiting (670 cases).

Crimes Against Specific Demographics

  • Crimes Against Scheduled Castes (SCs): A surge of 13.1% was recorded, with 57,582 cases registered in 2022 compared to 50,900 cases in 2021.
  • Crimes Against Scheduled Tribes (STs): An increase of 14.3% was noted, with 10,064 cases registered in 2022 compared to 8,802 cases in 2021.
  • Crimes Against Senior Citizens: A rise of 9.3% was observed, with 28,545 cases registered in 2022 compared to 26,110 cases in the previous year.

Crimes Against Women

Crimes against women registered a 4% increase in 2022, with a total of 4,45,256 cases reported. The majority of cases were related to cruelty by husbands or relatives (31.4%), followed by kidnapping and abduction of women (19.2%), assault on women with the intent to outrage her modesty (18.7%), and rape (7.1%).

Overall Crime Trends and Decline in Registration

  • The total number of cognizable crimes in 2022 was 58,24,946, comprising 35,61,379 under the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and 22,63,567 Special & Local Laws (SLL) crimes.
  • There was a decline of 4.5% in crime registration compared to 2021, with a crime rate per lakh population decreasing from 445.9 in 2021 to 422.2 in 2022.
  • IPC crimes showed a 2.8% decline, while SLL crimes decreased by 7% compared to 2021.

Kidnapping and Abduction Cases

A total of 1,07,588 cases of kidnapping and abduction were registered in 2022, reflecting a 5.8% increase compared to 1,01,707 cases in the previous year.



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