National Highway Authority of India to rank roads in the country

The National Highway Authority of India is to rank roads based on their quality. The ranking is to done to improve quality and also provide higher service to the highway commuters.


The ranking and assessment exercises are to be conducted under the supervision of Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. The exercise is to be conducted based on international practices and will benchmark highway performances.

Criteria of assessment

The criteria for the assessment hav been classified under three main categories as follows

  • Highway Efficiency (45%)
  • Highway Safety (35%)
  • User Services (20%)

Apart from these basic criteria of assessment, the other important parameters such as access control, operating speed, road signages, time taken at toll plaza, accident rates, road markings, illumination, crash barriers, cleanliness, customer satisfaction and plantation will also be considered during the assessment.


The scores obtained by the corridors will provide feedback and will recourse for higher standards, better safety and improve user experience. It will also help to filling gaps of design, practices, guidelines, standards and contract agreements for NHAI projects.


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