Namda Art

On occasion of International Women’s Day, the Prime Minister handed over his social media accounts to 7 women- one of them honoured for her efforts in revival of Namda art.

Arifa Jan

Arifa Jan was one of the 7 women who were given the control of the social media accounts. She is a Kashmir-based businesswomen who contributed to the revival of the traditional art form called Namda. Through her venture, Incredible Kashmiri Crafts, she has uplifted the art form and also its artisans in the region.


Namda is a type of traditional Kashmiri carpet made from sheep wool. It is a felted carpet that features hand embroidered patterns in colored threads. It is reported to have originated in the 11th century when Mughal Emperor Akbar ordered the making of suitable covering for his horse for protection from the cold.

Making of Namda

The Namda carpets are made by felting sheep wool rather than by weaving. Many layers of sheep wool are flattened over each other using a tool called ‘pinjra’ and pressed with application of water. They are then embroidered with colored threads by the Kashmiri Aari Embroidery technique.


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