Myanmar-Russia MoU on developing Nuclear Power

Myanmar was an independent republic operating under the 2008 constitution. In 2021, the military of the country came to power in a coup. Recently, the military-led Myanmar government and the Russian Government signed a nuclear agreement. According to the MoU, the countries will work together on nuclear energy.

About the MoU

  • It is a civil nuclear agreement, meaning the nuclear energy produced will be used for peaceful purposes and not for producing weapons or missiles
  • Under the agreement, the countries will create a nuclear technology hub


The talks on the nuclear agreement have been running for a long time. The proposal was placed by Myanmar in 2015. However, the Russians were not showing big interest. However, the sudden acknowledgement of signing the agreement makes international relations experts doubt if the decision was made due to recent US relations with the Philippines. In November 2022, the Vice President of the US Kamala Harris visited the Philippines. Several key decisions were made during her visit. The recent nuclear deal and other military agreements signed between US and the Philippines were decided during her visit.

US-Russia relation influences

The Russian Government signing the nuclear agreement with the Myanmar military comes within days of the US Government signing a nuclear agreement with the Philippines. The US recently signed a civil nuclear cooperation agreement with the Philippines. Also, the Philippines agreed to allow the US to utilize its military bases in the western part of the country.




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