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This PDF e-Book is a compilation of updates published in Science & Technology Current Affairs category of GKToday in last one year i.e. between October 21, 2020 to October 21, 2021 in reverse chronological order (latest first). The E-Book PDF file can be instantly downloaded after payment. No Hardcopy is provided.

This E-book is helpful for all competitive examinations  including UPSC, SSC, States PCS, CLAT, Railways, NDA/CDS and all other such examinations where questions from Current Affairs are asked. The PDF is dynamic and its content keeps updating in sync with GKToday’s articles.

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This E-Book has the compilation of following articles published in GKToday in last 1 year.

  1. TRUTH Social: Donald Trump's New Social Media Platform
  2. Microsoft AI Innovate Program
  3. Air Quality Early Warning System (AQEWS) enhanced
  4. Alibaba launches new server chip based on advanced 5-nanometer tech
  5. NITI Aayog launches Geospatial Energy Map of India
  6. Report: China tested Nuclear Capable Hypersonic Missile
  7. Nasa launches Lucy Spacecraft
  8. China launches Astronaut crew on 6-month mission
  9. AIIMS launches ‘Healthy Smile’ Mobile App
  10. MyParkings app- Highlights
  11. What is Climate Resilience Information System and Planning Tool?
  12. Covaxin approved for emergency use in 2–18-year-olds
  13. Germany launches World's First Self-Driving Train
  14. Telangana to test Mobile-based e-voting system
  15. PM Modi to launch 'Indian Space Association'
  16. ICMR releases MUDRA Toolbox in 5 Indian languages
  17. UAE announces Probe targeting asteroid between Mars & Jupiter
  18. WHO approves world's first Malaria vaccine
  19. NASA To Launch Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) Mission
  20. ‘Electronic Pension Payment Order’ integrated with Digi Locker
  21. What is Heli-borne Survey Technology?
  22. Indian Scientists develops New Biodegradable Polymer
  23. NASA's Psyche Mission- Key Facts
  24. EU approves Pfizer-BioNTech COVID vaccine booster
  25. 'Made in India' drone used to transport COVID-19 vaccine
  26. TN launches software to aid police investigations
  27. MeitY plans Tech repository for Digital services
  28. Molnupiravir: New drug to treat COVID-19
  29. What is Solar conjunction?
  30. ‘Bal Raksha Kit’- Things to Know
  31. Facebook launches Creator education programme in India
  32. NASA’s Lucy Mission- Key Facts
  33. IIT-H develops alternative to Corneal transplantation
  34. Amazon Future Engineer Programme launched in India
  35. Pfizer starts study of mRNA Flu vaccine
  36. What is a METAVERSE?
  37. Akash Prime: New version of Akash missile flight-tested
  38. What is Dark Energy?
  39. IIT-D launches Centre on Quantum Technologies
  40. CSIR-CMERI Solar DC Cooking System- Key Facts
  41. Lunar Crater Named After Matthew Henson
  42. India to become trans fat-free by 2022
  43. Trojan posing as I-T refund attacking Android users
  44. Study: Covid can cause Delirium
  45. ARAI developed charger for Electric Vehicles
  46. Sero Survey: 90% of people in Mumbai have COVID-19 antibodies
  47. ISRO to develop reusable GSLV Mk-III launch vehicle
  48. SpaceX launched 4 amateurs on private Earth-circling trip
  49. IIT-Bombay launches ‘Project Udaan’
  50. India-Singapore announces to link UPI and PayNow
  51. FDI policy for Space Sector
  52. Colexion: Largest Licenced NFT Platform
  53. MoS for Health & Family Welfare inaugurated Digital Population Clock
  54. Co-WIN develops new API called KYC-VS
  55. Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft completes 9,000 orbits around moon
  56. IISc-ISRO develop device to conduct microbial experiments in outer space
  57. Amazon India launches Kisan Store
  58. CORBEVAX’ gets DCGI approval for Clinical trials
  59. NASA’s Mars Rover collected its First Rock Sample
  60. China develops miniature helicopter for Mars missions
  61. WHO monitoring new COVID variant ‘Mu’
  62. What is Scrub Typhus?
  63. 'Super follows': Twitter launches new feature
  64. World’s first ‘Plant based’ Smart Air-Purifier “Ubreathe Life”
  65. IIT Madras to Develop Online Marketplace called e-Source
  66. IIT Roorkee-NDMA develop App to Predict Natural Disasters
  67. What is West Nile virus?
  68. Y-Break App launched by AYUSH Ministry
  69. PhonePe to serve as Direct Insurance Broker
  70. SpaceX launched ants, avocados, robotic arm to Space station
  71. QSim- India's first Quantum Computer Simulator Toolkit
  72. New AY.12 sub-lineage of Delta Variant
  73. India’s first mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccine
  74. What is Havana syndrome?
  75. Evidence of Solar-Driven Change traced on moon
  76. ISRO’s ‘Announcement of Opportunity’ to analyse Chandrayaan-2 orbiter data
  77. NeoBolt: India’s first indigenous Motorised Wheelchair Vehicle
  78. Yuktdhara: New portal launched under Geoportal Bhuvan
  79. INSACOG report: Delta variant driving infections in India
  80. DCGI approves ZyCoV-D vaccine for Emergency Use Authorization
  81. WHO’s medical alert on fake Covishield Vaccines
  82. New Covid Test using Pencil Lead
  83. Delta Plus variant cases in Maharashtra rises
  84. Nasal Covid Vaccine Gets Regulatory Nod for further trials
  85. NDMC launches 'Cleancity app'- Key Facts
  86. Chandrayaan 2 orbiter discovers water molecules on Moon
  87. GSLV failed to put Earth Observation Satellite into orbit
  88. ISRO: Countdown for launch of EOS-03 satellite starts
  89. Kejriwal to launch Faceless Transport Services
  90. Hyundai to launch N Line cars in India
  91. Zydus Cadila's needle-free Covid-19 vaccine to get approval
  92. ICMR Study: Mixed Covishield & Covaxin doses produce better immunity
  93. ISRO to launch Earth Observation Satellite
  94. IIT Roorkee launches Earthquake Early Warning Mobile App
  95. 'AICTE Translation Automation AI Tool'- Key Facts
  96. ISRO-NASA joint mission NISAR Satellite to be launched in 2023
  97. Intel, Education Ministry, CBSE launch ‘ÁI For All’ drive
  98. AICTE Creating Database to Promote Higher Education in Regional Languages: PM
  99. ISRO to Launch a Satellite for Natural Disaster Monitoring this Year
  100. COVID BEEP-India’s first Physiological Parameters Monitoring System
  101. Malaysia Registers World’s First Affordable New Drug for Hepatitis c
  102. Alphabet to launch a new Robotics Company- Intrinsic
  103. Bipyrazole Organic Crystals
  104. Chicken slaughter waste used as raw material for biodiesel production
  105. ISRO’s merchandiser programme takes off with 8 companies already onboard
  106. China to activate world's first clean Nuclear Reactor
  107. India plans to create Power Islanding systems
  108. IIT-K launches innovation hub to find solutions for anti-drone technologies
  109. Centre to invest Rs 324 crore to expand lab testing infrastructure
  110. NEA Scout: NASA’s New Spacecraft
  111. China rolls out high speed 600km/hr Maglev train
  112. IIT Ropar develops first-of-its-kind Oxygen rationing device - AMLEX
  113. IOC to build India's first green hydrogen plant at Mathura
  114. AI tool developed by IIT-M to study cancer causing mutations
  115. COVIHOME: IITH develops affordable COVID-19 testing kit
  116. IISc-Mynvax's heat-tolerant Covid vaccine
  117. Twitter shuts down 'Fleets' service
  118. Gaganyaan: ISRO successfully test fires liquid fuel engine
  119. Delhi govt-Google to provide Real-Time Bus Tracking Service
  120. US approves Blue Origin for Human Space Travel
  121. What is a Bitcoin Hardware Wallet?
  122. Virgin Galactic Space Flight soars into space
  123. Rare superluminous supernova spotted by Indian researchers
  124. DBT-NIBMG creates world’s 1st database of Oral Cancer variants
  125. Kerala govt. to have its own OTT platform
  126. Minister launches “Matsya Setu” app for Fishermen
  127. AI used to reveal Actual Shape of the Universe
  128. Scientists detect New Source of Gravitational waves
  129. NASA receives first Sample of Asteroid Ryugu
  130. Ayurveda dataset on Clinical Trials Registry-India Portal
  131. Chinese astronauts complete First Spacewalk at New Space Station
  132. Govt asks NPCI to start Electronic Vaccine Vouchers
  133. Cyberattacks hits hundreds of US firms
  134. ISRO gives nod to implement Satellite TV classrooms
  135. NASA’s NEOWISE Telescope gets two-Year Mission Extension
  136. MoU inked between AJNIFM and Microsoft
  137. Shopsy: Flipkart's New App for Online Business
  138. Elon Musk's Starlink to provide Internet globally
  139. Bulletin: Facebook’s new publishing tool
  140. Moderna: India licenses fourth Covid vaccine
  141. Indian Private players allowed to build and operate rocket launch sites
  142. ESA to hire First Disabled Astronaut
  143. Itat e-dwar: e-filing portal of IT Appellate Tribunal
  144. IIT Delhi develops Rapid Antigen Test Kit for COVID-19
  145. China plans First Manned MARS Mission in 2033
  146. Study: Nano-decoys from human LSCs can neutralize SARS-CoV-2
  147. India to provide CoWIN technology to other countries
  148. CEOS COAST: ISRO- NOAA Project endorsed by UN Body
  149. LIC introduces Technology Platform ‘e-PGS’
  150. IIT Madras launches 'Centre for Research on Start-Ups and Risk Financing’
  151. Ingenuity undertakes 8th flight on the Mars
  152. ZyCoV-D: World's first DNA-based Vaccine
  153. Cassava: Feedstock for Bioethanol Production
  154. Throat Gargle Sample Test for Children
  155. What is Virtual Water analysis?
  156. What are Monoclonal antibodies?
  157. mYoga App
  158. What is AY.1 variant of Coronavirus?
  159. Boundary Between Solar System and Interstellar Space Mapped
  160. New Zealand to launch World's First Wooden Satellite
  161. Researchers developed improved method of imaging objects through fog
  162. Shenzhou-12: China's First Human Spaceflight since 2016
  163. Jivan Vayu: IIT Ropar’s power- free CPAP device
  164. 3D-printed Masks Coated with Anti-Viral Agents Developed by Pune-based firm
  165. Ayush Ministry launches ‘Namaste Yoga’ Mobile App
  166. ESA announces orbiter to study Venus
  167. ICMR to start 4th National Sero Survey
  168. Flipkart to lead 'Medicines from the Sky’ project
  169. What is Space plate Light Manipulation?
  170. Google to build longest Undersea Cable in the World
  171. Antibody Cocktail treatment for Covid
  172. IIT-Kharagpur develops Early Cyclone Detection Technique
  173. What is 'Miraculous' mosquito hack?
  174. First CAR-T Cell Therapy Conducted
  175. MIT generates Electricity from Carbon Nanotubes
  176. ISRO develops 3 Cost-Effective Ventilators
  177. SpaceX rocket carries squids, microorganisms to ISS
  178. SpaceX launches 22nd Resupply Services Mission to ISS
  179. IIT-Hyderabad develops Nano-Fibre based Amphotericin B oral tablets
  180. Chip-Off Technique developed to Retrieve Encrypted Data
  181. ICMR approves PanBio Test Kit
  182. NASA announces Two Robotic Missions to Venus
  183. COVAXIN trial starts on children
  184. MadadMap: Real-time online map of vacant beds
  185. Two Russian crew do spacewalk at ISS
  186. SWASTIIK Technology for Disinfecting Water
  187. Microsoft launches Asia-Pacific Cybersecurity Council
  188. New Zealand signs space agreement with NASA
  189. World's first Human case of H10N3 Bird Flu
  190. The State of Ransomware 2021 report
  191. AmbiTAG- India's first indigenous Temperature Data Logger
  192. What is Superworms?
  193. Vajra Kavach Disinfection System
  194. India to start tests on mixed vaccines
  195. Curiosity rover spots colourful clouds on Mars
  196. Hubble Captures Striking New Image of NGC 691
  197. Aspergillosis Fungal Infection
  198. Government to discontinue Central Allocation of Remdesivir
  199. What is Kaleidoscope Effect?
  200. DNA Vaccines Effective in Hamsters
  201. MIT's Smart Clothes measure movements and poses
  202. SpaceX launches 60 Starlink Broadband Satellites
  203. Ayush Clinical Case Repository Portal to be Launched
  204. AI-based Pest Management
  205. IIT Guwahati developed Smart Window Material
  206. NASA's New Earth System Observatory
  207. Internet Explorer to retire in June 2022
  208. Rare Super Blood Moon to be observed on May 26
  209. CCoV-HuPn-2018 Coronavirus
  210. What is Kyasanur Forest Disease?
  211. CSIR-CSIO transfer UV Disinfection Technology Indigenous Manufacturers
  212. China Observatory Detects Sources of Gamma Rays
  213. VIPER Rover to Search Resources on Moon
  214. NMMS App & Area Officer Monitoring App Launched
  215. What is Dipcovan?
  216. SPOT (Scalable and Portable Testing)-New COVID-19 Saliva Test invented using RT-LAMP Technology
  217. Atlas V Rocket carrying SBRIS Geo-5 Missile Warning Satellite launched for US Space Force
  218. 2DG- DRDO's Anti-Covid Drug
  219. Okeanos Explorer: US's Robotic Navigation tech to explore Ocean Floor
  220. What is Winchcombe Meteorite?
  221. What is Doomsday Surfing or Doomsday Scrolling?
  222. Talkative Dinosaur found in Mexico
  223. JUICE: Jupiter Icy Moon Explorer of European Space Agency
  224. Utopia Planitia of Mars
  225. Mixing Covid-19 vaccines increase Vaccine Reactogenicity
  226. Tianwen-1: Chinese Rover lands on Mars
  227. What is a Blood Moon?
  228. Voyager 1 detects persistent hum
  229. Tauktae Cyclone forms in Arabian Sea
  230. China launches classified Yaogan satellites into orbit
  231. HPIV Human Para Influenza Viruses
  232. Perseverance rover begins to study ancient crater's floor
  233. NASA-Axiom: First Private Astronaut Mission to Space Station
  234. High & upper middle countries received 83% vaccines: WHO
  235. OSIRIS-REx: NASA Spacecraft starts journey to Earth
  236. What is Asperger's Syndrome?
  237. SpaceX: "DOGE-1 Mission to the Moon"
  238. Space Debris Guidelines of United Nations
  239. Mucormycosis-Black Fungus Infection in COVID Patients
  240. Chinese Rocket falls into Indian Ocean
  241. NASA Rover Records Ingenuity Flight in Mars
  242. What is COVID Variant of Concern?
  243. Scientists model Saturn's interior structure
  244. Osteocytes mapped for the first time
  245. SpaceX successfully lands its Starship rocket
  246. Lineament: Cause of Assam Earthquakes
  247. Yamatosaurus izanagii: New species of duck-billed dinosaur
  248. What are the flaws in SUTRA model?
  249. Millisecond Pulsars Discovered
  250. Mayflower 400: First Artificial Intelligence Ship
  251. Parker Solar Probe: Detected radio signal from Venus
  252. Meghalaya: 100 million-year-old bones of Sauropods discovered
  253. N protein of Coronavirus and its role in transmission
  254. First Blow Away Galaxy discovered
  255. Uranium-214- Lightest form of Uranium
  256. NASA: Ingenuity begins a new phase
  257. Earth Axis Shift increases
  258. SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launched 60 Starlink satellites
  259. UK to allow Driverless cars on roads
  260. China launches Tianhe space station core module
  261. India’s first 3D printed house at IIT-M
  262. NEO-01: China's robot prototype to catch space debris
  263. Genome Study on Endangered Sumatran rhinoceros
  264. Aditya-L1 Support Cell (AL1SC)- Key Facts
  265. UK to build World’s most powerful climate-change forecasting supercomputer
  266. What are Tissue Chips?
  267. Unicorn Black Hole
  268. Zhurong: China's first Mars rover
  269. NASA helicopter makes third flight on Mars
  270. SpaceX Crew 2: Key Facts
  271. What is Proning?
  272. NASA SHIELDS Mission: To Study Interstellar Space
  273. COVIRAP Technology
  274. MOXIE- Mars Oxygen In-Situ Resource Utilization Experiment
  275. Israel: Google and AWS chosen for 1 billion Nimbus Project
  276. Cosmic Rose of NASA
  277. What is Beal seed viability experiment?
  278. What is Potamophylax coronavirus?
  279. Russia to launch its own Space Station
  280. Dracopristis hoffmanorum: Godzilla shark discovered in New Mexico
  281. What is Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) alert?
  282. NASA Ingenuity Helicopter makes historic flight
  283. DRDO develops Supplemental Oxygen Delivery System
  284. Tyrannosaurus rex outnumbered 2.5 billon
  285. Luna 25: Russian Moon mission
  286. What is Lyrid Meteor Shower?
  287. What is Double Mutant Corona Virus Variant?
  288. NASA to launch SpaceX Crew 2
  289. IMD: Monsoon to be normal in India in 2021
  290. What is Adenovirus?
  291. Gaganyaan: ISRO signs agreement with France
  292. Astronomers discover the farthest Gamma-ray emitting active galaxy
  293. Odyssey Completes 20 years: NASA releases Electric Blue Dune Images
  294. Artemis Programme: NASA to land first person of colour on the moon
  295. NASA’s Ingenuity to make first flight attempt
  296. Volcano erupts in Southern Caribbean
  297. What are Dark Sirens?
  298. NanoSniffer: Microsensor based Explosive Trace Detector
  299. What are Quasars? How do they help in understanding Universe?
  300. Robo Plant: Technology to interact with plants
  301. Robots made from stem cells of frogs
  302. What is Ingenuity Helicopter?
  303. IIT Kanpur develops touch sensitive watch for visually impaired
  304. Plant-Insect Gene Transfer reported for the first time
  305. First Image of Black Hole Magnetic Field
  306. Computer Aided CME Tracking Software (CACTus) and Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs)
  307. 7 Current Affairs Notes on Echo and Bifrost
  308. ISRO revises launch schedule of GISAT-1
  309. ISRO-IIST join hands for Futuristic Projects
  310. Central Scrutiny Centre and IEPFA’s Mobile App Launched
  311. Russia successfully launches 38 satellites for 18 countries
  312. ISRO Demonstrates Free Space Quantum Communication
  313. India, France Working on Third Joint Space Mission
  314. IIT Bombay's Energy Swaraj Yatra Bus- Key Facts
  315. ‘Mobile Seva Appstore’- India’s first indigenously developed App Store
  316. Artificial Photosynthesis to Provide Solutions for Carbon Capture
  317. What is Spring Equinox?
  318. Nokia to Develop New 5G Radio Solutions
  319. AEG12 Mosquito Protein
  320. Retinal scan technology developed to identify Childhood Autism
  321. ISRO launched Sounding Rocket RH-560
  322. ISRO- JAXA review cooperation on Lunar polar exploration
  323. Fugaku: World’s most Powerful Supercomputer
  324. Why is Turkey's Salda Lake called 'Mars on Earth'?
  325. Earth's Hidden Layer- Key Facts
  326. ISRO-NASA: Develops Radar for Joint Earth Observation Satellite Mission
  327. What is Non-fungible token?
  328. What is Space Hurricane?
  329. SpaceX Starship SN10 Explodes after Successful Landing
  330. What is 'Mobile Train Radio Communication system?
  331. Axis Bank Launches WhatsApp Banking
  332. Nasscom launches program to accelerate AI-led innovation in India
  333. MapmyIndia Launched Features to Locate Corona Vaccination Centre
  334. Russia Launched First Arctic-monitoring Satellite
  335. HP makes first ever PCs with Plastic Waste in Ocean
  336. PSLV-C51 Launched Amazonia-1 & 18 Co-passenger Satellites
  337. ISRO’s PSLV-C51/Amazonia-1 Mission
  338. Microbes from Earth could survive on Mars- says a study
  339. Nasa releases first audio from Mars
  340. Agri Ministry to use Drones to support PMFBY
  341. NASA’s Perseverance Rover Landed on Mars
  342. TIGER X-1: Hyundai’s New Concept Vehicle
  343. Sandes- India's new instant messaging platform
  344. PiMo- eBike launched by IIT Madras-Incubated start-up
  345. Russia Launched Cargo Ship to International Space Station
  346. AI 'Ramanujan Machine'- Can find Hidden Patterns in Numbers
  347. Indian Astronomers detect huge Optical Flare in Astronomic Object
  348. Concentration of Small Black Holes discovered in cluster NGC 6397
  349. China's Tianwen-1 probe enters the Mars Orbit
  350. ISRO released Images of Uttarakhand Glacier Burst
  351. HOPE: UAE’s Mars Mission
  352. Russia to Launch 40 Satellites in March 2021
  353. MCA21 Version 3.0 to be Launched
  354. World’s Largest Radio Telescope- Square Kilometre Array
  355. Pakistan launched its new surface-to-surface ballistic missile ‘Ghaznavi’
  356. Stardust 1.0- First rocket that runs on Biofuel
  357. New Protein based Biosensors created for Quick COVID-19 test
  358. SpaceX announced First All-Civilian Mission to Space
  359. Jarosite: Rare Mineral Found in Antarctica
  360. NASA finds the 'Lost Galaxy'
  361. SpaceX Launched 143 Satellites on Single Rocket
  362. What is “Blue Jet Lightning”?
  363. Europe’s Largest Solar Power Plant: Francisco Pizzaro
  364. MeerKAT Radio Telescope: Two Giant Radio Galaxies discovered
  365. WASP-107b: Giant Exoplanet has low core mass
  366. What is Hum of the Universe?
  367. Kraken Mare in Titan is 1000 feet deep
  368. What is Sudden Stratospheric Warming?
  369. UVIT of ISRO: Rare UV-Bright Stars spotted
  370. What is Root Zone Moisture?
  371. Abell 370: NASA shares picture
  372. Quantum Computing Application Lab: GoI and Amazon Partnership
  373. LauncherOne launched by Virgin Orbit
  374. Mitochondrial DNA based COVID-19 test
  375. CollabCAD software
  376. India-UAE MoU for Scientific and Technical Cooperation
  377. ISRO to adopt 100 Atal Tinkering Labs
  378. NASA to test the most powerful rocket ever built
  379. GoI sets up control room to control spread of Bird Flu
  380. Bird Flu outbreak in India
  381. What is National Atomic Time Scale?
  382. Floating Solar Energy Project
  383. ISRO decade plan
  384. India approved two COVID-19 vaccines for Emergency Use
  385. National Metrology Conclave
  386. Japan Solution for Space Debris
  387. Meteorological Centre in Ladakh
  388. Pneumosil: India's First Pneumonia Vaccine
  389. Portulaca laljii: New Species of Wild Sun Rose
  390. India’s First Driverless Train
  391. Green Propulsion Technology of ISRO
  392. ISRO releases Chandrayaan-2 mission’s initial data
  393. Naegleria fowleri: Brain Eating Amoeba
  394. What is DigiBoxx?
  395. UK's new strain of coronavirus
  396. First Potential Radio signal from Exo planet
  397. Five Hundred Meter Aperture Spherical Telescope
  398. Jupiter- Saturn Great Astronomical Conjunction
  399. Gateway Treaty
  400. ISRO SSA Control Centre-NETRA
  401. CMS-01 Satellite
  402. What are Western Disturbances?
  403. What is Project Loon?
  404. What is Green Ammonia?
  405. What are Seneca Guns?
  406. What are Geminids Meteor Shower?
  407. What is Vigyan Yatra?
  408. What is Enigma?
  409. Virgin Galactic: SpaceShip Unity Test Flight fails
  410. What is Planet Nine?
  411. What is Data Sonification?
  412. What is Narrow Band IoT Network?
  413. Harvesting Water from Air
  414. What is 5G NR?
  415. What is 2020 SO?
  416. Arecibo Telescope: Key Facts
  417. C32 LH2 Propellant tank: Key Highlights
  418. Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder: Key Facts
  419. What is Ethereum 2.0?
  420. Dry Swab Direct RT-PCR Test Method
  421. Hayabusa2 Spacecraft of Japan: Key Facts
  422. Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope (GMRT) granted 'Milestone' status by IEEE - Key Facts
  423. What is Brain Fingerprinting to be used on Hathras Rape Case?
  424. China’s Change-5 Lunar Mission to bring back rock samples from the moon
  425. NASA launches Sentinel satellite to track Earth’s sea level rise
  426. IRNSS Satellite Constellation of India recognized under WWRNS by IMO
  427. India-European Union Counter Terrorism Dialogue held
  428. Param Siddhi: India’s AI supercomputer among world top 500 most power non-distributed computers
  429. Gaganyaan Mission: L&T delivers Booster Segment, the first launch hardware to ISRO
  430. What is mRNA Technology used in COVID-19 vaccines for the first time?
  431. SpaceX Crew-1 Mission: Four Astronauts launched into space
  432. Leonid Meteor Showers to reach their peak in India
  433. What is SpaceX-NASA's upcoming CREW1 mission?
  434. China launces world’s first 6G experimental satellite
  435. Researchers discover new hidden gene in COVID-19
  436. CHECK: World’s first CRISPR CaS-9 based diagnostic tool
  437. Thirty Meter Telescope Project: Indian Astronomers collaborated with Nobel Laureate
  438. DRDO develops Fire Detection and Suppression System
  439. First Hyperloop Passenger ride successful
  440. ISRO launches all-weather Earth Observation Satellite and nine customer satellites
  441. Why did India skip Cyclones in October, 2020? How is it related to Madden Julian Oscillation?
  442. China successfully launches 13 satellites in a single rocket
  443. 500 metre tall Coral Reef discovered in Australia Great Barrier Reef
  444. Radio burst spotted by NASA for the first time in Milky Way
  445. Snubbing Unit from Canada to control Assam Baghjan fire burning for 5 months
  446. Union Cabinet: MoU between India and Spain in Astronomy approved
  447. “IITM COVID Game” developed by IIT Madras to create awareness
  448. Asteroid 16 Psyche
  449. Ministry of Science and Technology launches SERB-POWER
  450. ISRO to launch Earth Observation Satellite EOS-1 and 9 Customer Satellites
  451. NASA-ISRO to launch NISAR satellite in 2022
  452. CSIR: 32% genetic variants are unique in Indian sequences
  453. Low Cost Technology anti-ageing Compound developed by IIT-Guwahati
  454. NASA takes Chandrayaan’s Water Discovery to a step higher
  455. ISRO MOM Study: Mars losing its atmosphere at faster rate than the earth
  456. National supercomputing mission: third phase to begin by January 2021
  457. ICMR approves “COVIRAP” test developed by IIT Kharagpur
  458. New organ in throat discovered
  459. Cabinet approves India-Nigeria Space Cooperation
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