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This E-Book has the compilation of following articles published in GKToday in last 1 year.

  1. IISc: New algorithm to study brain connectivity
  2. Zuljanah: Iran's Solid-fuelled Rocket
  3. Iskander-M missile system
  4. IOC launched indoor solar cook top Surya Nutan
  5. Seven companies have built ONDC compatible apps
  6. India’s GSAT-24 satellite launched on French rocket
  7. IIT Madras 5G test bed for Army Training Command
  8. South Korea: Launch of First domestically built space rocket
  9. Study: Human Middle Ear Evolved From Fish Gills
  10. HomoSEP: IIT Madras Robot to clean septic tanks
  11. China's biggest and most modern aircraft carrier
  12. Gaia Space Mission and Starquakes
  13. NCPCR: Children in Street Situations (CiSS) App
  14. Powassan Virus
  15. China: Proposal of Space Solar plant
  16. Chelonoidis phantasticus: Giant Tortoise species
  17. Fast Radio Burst (FRB)
  18. Anocovax: India's first COVID-19 vaccine for animals
  19. China: New Geological Map of the Moon
  20. Bharat Block-chain Network and Polyversity Metaverse
  21. Covid19: IISc develops Mini-proteins to prevent Infection
  22. NASA's DAVINCI Mission
  23. Goa Beach Vigil App
  24. Training launch of Agni 4 Missile
  25. What is Direct-to-mobile (D2M) Technology?
  26. China: 3rd Crewed Mission to New Space Station
  27. US: Reconstruction of 3D Ear
  28. International Liquid Mirror Telescope (ILMT)
  29. Instagram Amber Alerts to find Missing Children
  30. WEF: Metaverse for Public- Private Collaboration
  31. Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Chips
  32. PARAM PORUL Supercomputer
  33. Biosafety guidelines for genome edited plants
  34. Closeby Habitable Exoplanet Survey (CHES)
  35. Centre of Excellence for Hyperloop Technology
  36. Scientific Social Responsibility (SSR) Guidelines
  37. India’s first 5-G Test Bed- Key Facts
  38. ISRO: Test of Solid rocket booster HS-200
  39. Super Flower Blood Moon lunar eclipse 2022
  40. Growth of plants in lunar soil
  41. NASA Endurance Mission- Key Facts
  42. Marsquake
  43. NITI Aayog: Experience Studio on Drones
  44. AIM-PRIME Playbook
  45. Punjab: Incentives for Direct Seeding of Rice (DSR)
  46. ISRO 2024 Venus Mission
  47. India's first ‘Flow Chemistry Technology Hub’
  48. India's first greenfield grain-based ethanol plant
  49. International Conference on Disaster Resilient Infrastructure
  50. P-75I and Air-independent propulsion(AIP) Technology
  51. Electric Vehicle fire incidents
  52. IOC Pilot Project of Methanol-blended Petrol
  53. Pilot phase of Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC)
  54. Semicon India Conference-2022
  55. Study: Use of Disposable Masks in Cement Mixture
  56. What is 'GAGAN Satellite Technology'?
  57. Perseverance: Capture of 'Solar Eclipse on Mars'
  58. InspectIR COVID-19 Breathalyzer
  59. Mynvax: India's Prospective Warm Vaccine
  60. Use of Micro-Swimmers in Drug Delivery
  61. HD1: Most Distant Galaxy Ever Seen
  62. Near Identical Twin of Jupiter Planet
  63. Clinical Trials of mRNA HIV Vaccine
  64. New Chemical Reference Material
  65. MoEFCC Order on Genome-edited Plants
  66. Clinical Trial in Ayurveda for Rheumatoid Arthritis
  67. NASA: Confirmation of 5000 Exoplanets
  68. Triceratops Horridus
  69. Green Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV)
  70. Autism Early Screening Tool
  71. Vincov-19 COVID Drug
  72. Xenotransplantation
  73. ESA Vigil
  74. US Executive order on Cryptocurrency
  75. Hydrogen production by Urea electrolysis
  76. CERN- European Organization for Nuclear Research
  77. Railways: Smart Event Tracking System
  78. PARAM Ganga
  79. Next-Gen 3D Printed Catalysts
  80. Omicron Variant in White-Tailed Deer
  81. National Highway for Electric Vehicle (NHEV)
  82. TRAPPIST-1 system
  83. Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits
  84. 'Kavach' Anti-collision system
  85. IARI Research on Resilient Crops
  86. Europa Clipper Spacecraft
  87. What is a Solar Tree?
  88. India-ITU Host Country Agreement (HCA)
  89. Deer-to-Human COVID-19 Transmission
  90. Kilonova Explosion Afterglow
  91. What are Cluster Munitions and Vacuum Bombs?
  92. Yilan Crater
  93. Map of 4.4 Million Galaxies
  94. Watts on the moon challenge- Phase 2
  95. China's Record Launch of 22 Satellites
  96. Thiomargarita magnifica
  97. First Plant-Derived COVID Vaccine
  98. Glass spheres on the Moon
  99. Chandrayaan-2: Detection of Solar Proton Events
  100. Intracortical Visual Prosthesis
  101. New Asteroid with Three Moons
  102. China: Two Prehistoric Bird Species
  103. Dearc sgiathanach: New Species of Pterosaur
  104. Quantum Key Distribution Link
  105. Khaibar-buster Missile
  106. IIT Roorkee's 'KISAN' Mobile App
  107. Evidence of First Ear Surgery
  108. Vigyan Sarvatra Pujyate Week
  109. India- Panacea Biotec New COVID Vaccine
  110. Alcyoneus Galaxy
  111. FSSAI ‘Eat Right Campus’
  112. What are “Fast Radio Bursts?”
  113. Recent Study on Pollination of Moths
  114. What are Kisan Drones?
  115. DBT Draft Paper on Synthetic Biology
  116. New technology to repair Aerospace components
  117. Omicron-Delta mixed Infections
  118. NIAB: Detection Method of Japanese Encephalitis Virus
  119. T.N. Neutrino Observatory-Recent Developments
  120. HIV: First woman cured after Stem Cell Transplant
  121. H5N1 bird flu Outbreak in Patna & Maharashtra
  122. What is 'TriSb92' Molecule?
  123. First-Ever Quadruple Asteroid
  124. Lassa Fever- Key Facts
  125. INSPIRESat-1 satellite- First Taiwan Presence in ISRO
  126. ISRO PSLV-C52 Launch
  127. Parker Solar Probe captures Images of Venus Surface
  128. NASA: MUSE and HelioSwarm Projects
  129. AI-based Tool to find Habitable Planets
  130. Impact of Geomagnetic Storm on Satellites
  131. NASA on SpaceX Satellite Deployment Plan
  132. New Record in Nuclear Fusion energy
  133. PSLV-C52 Mission
  134. ISRO: Demonstration of Quantum Communication
  135. New Ultra Strong 2-D polymer
  136. Giant Magnellan Telescope
  137. ATLAS Asteroid Tracking System
  138. The Netherlands New HIV variant
  139. ITS in Mumbai-Nagpur expressway
  140. NROL-87 Mission
  141. Square Kilometre Array Observatory (SKAO)
  142. Supercomputer Param Pravega
  143. NASA: International Space Station Transition Plan
  144. Research on Ring-Shaped Molecules
  145. Two new Fossil Flowers in Myanmar
  146. Earth Trojan Asteroid
  147. KAVACH Technology in Railways
  148. Working of e – Passports
  149. Plastic snowfall in the Alps
  150. Humbertium covidum: New hammerhead flatworm species
  151. SpaceX Italian Earth-observation satellite
  152. New Leprosy Cases during 2020-21 in India
  153. NASA HERMES Mission
  154. NASA Study: Water on Mars
  155. COVID: IIT-J AI-based Chest X-Ray
  156. Aditya-L1 mission - Key Facts
  157. Privilege Motion over Pegasus
  158. North Korea Hwasong-12 missile
  159. Bharat Biotech Nasal Booster Trials
  160. NIPER Research Portal
  161. What are 'Volatile organic compounds'?
  162. Ultra-long-period Magnetar
  163. NeoCov Coronavirus
  164. First Molecular Electronics Chip
  165. James Webb Space Telescope-Key Facts
  166. New Technology to detect Oral Cancer
  167. India’s first Graphene Innovation Centre
  168. Digital Sansad App
  169. Om: CSIR-CDRI RT-PCR kit for Omicron Variant
  170. Data Privacy Day 2022
  171. Blockchain technology in Rashtriya Bal Puraskar
  172. What is 'Artificial womb'?
  173. World's fastest AI supercomputer
  174. Community Transmission of Omicron
  175. Twitter: NFT Profile Picture feature
  176. UNSC 3-D Virtual Diplomacy
  177. Recent Study on Antimicrobial resistance
  178. TOI-2180: New Jupiter-like Exoplanet
  179. Asteroid 1994 PC1
  180. Awareness drive on Aromatic plant cultivation in J-K
  181. UV-C Disinfection Technology
  182. ‘The Enigma’: 555.55-carat black diamond
  183. China's Artificial Moon
  184. Discovery of New Strange Metal
  185. What is space anemia?
  186. Cryogenic Engine Test for Gaganyaan
  187. Bio-Restoration of Art Works
  188. What is 'Purposive testing strategy?
  189. AI- driven Start-Up for Water Purification
  190. Omicron sub-lineage BA.1
  191. Deployment of James Webb Telescope
  192. Precautionary vaccine jabs in India
  193. First Pig heart transplant in Human
  194. First on-site evidence of water on Moon
  195. New Covid Strain 'Deltacron'
  196. UK: First human case of Avian flu
  197. Recent Researches in Space Station
  198. What is 'Aquamation'?
  199. China's 'Artificial Sun' - Recent Developments
  200. Starlink in India
  201. Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA)
  202. OmiSure RT – PCR Kit
  203. Mud Crab Reovirus (MCRV)
  204. Indian SARS – CoV – 2 Genomics Consortium (INSACOG)
  205. New Covid-19 variant 'IHU'
  206. ISRO: Missions planned for 2022
  207. Zero Tillage Technology
  208. Quadrantid Meteor Shower
  209. What is 'Iron-Air Battery'?
  210. 5G Microwave Absorber
  211. First Magnetic Field on an Exoplanet
  212. China- Elon Musk Space Tussle
  213. Iran's new Space Launch
  214. New Meat Alternatives With 3D Printing
  215. Roll-out of 5G services in India
  216. Ziyuan-1 02E- China's New Earth resources observation satellite
  217. NASA’s Psyche Mission- Key Facts
  218. AI Prosecutor: China's recent AI project
  219. ASIGMA: Indian Army's In-house Messaging app
  220. 'Artificial sun': What is China's latest experiment?
  221. What is the first home Covid-19 treatment authorised by the US?
  222. Apretude: FDA approves injection to prevent HIV
  223. James Webb Space Telescope Mission - Key Facts
  224. Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean Studies (KUFOS)- Partner in NASA-ISRO research programme
  225. NASA releases noises captured near Jupiter's moon Ganymede
  226. What is "MicroAge" Experiment?
  227. Maharashtra: Dogs affected by 'Canine parvovirus'
  228. 'Agni P': India test fires new-gen nuclear capable ballistic missile
  229. WHO gives emergency approval for Covovax vaccine
  230. ISRO developing a SSLV with Private Participation
  231. What is 6G technology?
  232. MIS portal for rankings of States & UTs in Land Acquisition Projects
  233. AYUSH Ministry's recommendations for ‘Holistic Health and Well Being’
  234. NASA’s Parker Solar Probe enters Sun’s corona
  235. EU: Malta legalises cannabis at home and for personal use
  236. What is 'Solar hamam'?
  237. Bank of Baroda launches “bob World Wave"- wearable payment solution
  238. IIT-D develops test to detect Omicron in 90 min
  239. India launches Supersonic Missile Assisted Release of Torpedo System (SMART)
  240. OSCAR 1 (Orbiting Satellites Carrying Amateur Radio) - Key Facts
  241. NITI Aayog's 'e-Sawari India E-Bus Coalition'
  242. NASA launches Laser Communications Relay Demonstration (LCRD)
  243. Comet A1 Leonard
  244. Yutu 2
  245. Imaging X – Ray Polarimetry Explorer IXPE Mission
  246. National Blockchain Strategy
  247. Three – dose ZyCov – D to be launched in seven states
  248. INSACOG advises for booster shots
  249. GJ 367b: Astronomers discover Ultra Short Planet
  250. SpaceX launches rocket carrying Blacksky, Starlink satellites
  251. Dhawan-1: Skyroot test-fires India's first privately built cryogenic rocket engine
  252. Nagaland: ‘Call your Cop mobile App' launched for citizens
  253. Government launched ‘unique’ face recognition techology for pensioners
  254. Russian Docking Module Arrives at ISS
  255. WHO: SARS-CoV-2 variant B.1.1.529 a ‘Variant of Concern’
  256. Health Ministry issues alert on COVID variants
  257. Hubble Telescope Observes Prawn Nebula
  258. Atal Tinkering Labs & Engage with Science to collaborate for perennial activities - Highlights
  259. Virtual Science Lab launched under CSIR Jigyasa Programme
  260. NASA’s Laser Communications Relay Demonstration (LCRD)
  261. Indian Navy commissioned INS Visakhapatnam
  262. Gaofen-11 03- China launches a new satellite
  263. Cryptocarya Muthuvariana: new tree species named after a tribe
  264. NCRA astronomers discover "Main-sequence Radio Pulse’ emitters"
  265. IISc- Biomarkers to predict disease progression in brain tumour
  266. Kerala to launch Mobile app for Waste Disposal
  267. Pfizer- Medicines Patent Pool (MPP) Sign Agreement For COVID-19 Oral Candidate
  268. Russia's Direct-Ascent Anti-Satellite (DA-ASAT) test
  269. Longest Partial Lunar Eclipse of The Century
  270. Sci & Tech Ministry inaugurates “Tech [email protected]
  271. India launched 41st Scientific Expedition to Antarctica
  272. Citizens' Tele Law Mobile App launched
  273. Rice blast disease in Wayanad
  274. Starlink launches new smaller dish to connect with satellites
  275. Norovirus confirmed in Wayanad, Kerala
  276. 'Leonids Meteor Shower'- Important Facts
  277. Mentorship Programme for Young Innovators launched
  278. Wang Yaping: First Chinese Woman to Walk in Space
  279. Landsat 9 satellite sends 1st photos of Earth
  280. Australia: Rover on the Moon Project
  281. China launches 3 new remote sensing satellites
  282. SpaceX incorporates subsidiary in India
  283. Australia recognises India's Covaxin
  284. Facebook rebrands as 'Meta'
  285. Gati Shakti Express inaugurated
  286. Ballistic missile Agni-V successfully test-fired
  287. Proba-1 completes 20 years
  288. WHO seeks clarifications from Bharat Biotech on Covaxin
  289. First Zika virus case reported in U.P
  290. Study: Life expectancy in India drops by 2 years due to Covid
  291. India's first Banni buffalo IVF calf born
  292. ABHYAS: DRDO tests High-Speed Expendable Aerial Target
  293. Nuri: South Korea's First Homegrown Space Rocket
  294. NITI Aayog AIM's digi-book- Innovations for You
  295. Intel Unnati Data-Centric Labs
  296. TRUTH Social: Donald Trump's New Social Media Platform
  297. Microsoft AI Innovate Program
  298. Air Quality Early Warning System (AQEWS) enhanced
  299. Alibaba launches new server chip based on advanced 5-nanometer tech
  300. NITI Aayog launches Geospatial Energy Map of India
  301. Report: China tested Nuclear Capable Hypersonic Missile
  302. Nasa launches Lucy Spacecraft
  303. China launches Astronaut crew on 6-month mission
  304. AIIMS launches ‘Healthy Smile’ Mobile App
  305. MyParkings app- Highlights
  306. What is Climate Resilience Information System and Planning Tool?
  307. Covaxin approved for emergency use in 2–18-year-olds
  308. Germany launches World's First Self-Driving Train
  309. Telangana to test Mobile-based e-voting system
  310. PM Modi to launch 'Indian Space Association'
  311. ICMR releases MUDRA Toolbox in 5 Indian languages
  312. UAE announces Probe targeting asteroid between Mars & Jupiter
  313. WHO approves world's first Malaria vaccine
  314. NASA To Launch Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) Mission
  315. ‘Electronic Pension Payment Order’ integrated with Digi Locker
  316. What is Heli-borne Survey Technology?
  317. Indian Scientists develops New Biodegradable Polymer
  318. NASA's Psyche Mission- Key Facts
  319. EU approves Pfizer-BioNTech COVID vaccine booster
  320. 'Made in India' drone used to transport COVID-19 vaccine
  321. TN launches software to aid police investigations
  322. MeitY plans Tech repository for Digital services
  323. Molnupiravir: New drug to treat COVID-19
  324. What is Solar conjunction?
  325. ‘Bal Raksha Kit’- Things to Know
  326. Facebook launches Creator education programme in India
  327. NASA’s Lucy Mission- Key Facts
  328. IIT-H develops alternative to Corneal transplantation
  329. Amazon Future Engineer Programme launched in India
  330. Pfizer starts study of mRNA Flu vaccine
  331. What is a METAVERSE?
  332. Akash Prime: New version of Akash missile flight-tested
  333. What is Dark Energy?
  334. IIT-D launches Centre on Quantum Technologies
  335. CSIR-CMERI Solar DC Cooking System- Key Facts
  336. Lunar Crater Named After Matthew Henson
  337. India to become trans fat-free by 2022
  338. Trojan posing as I-T refund attacking Android users
  339. Study: Covid can cause Delirium
  340. ARAI developed charger for Electric Vehicles
  341. Sero Survey: 90% of people in Mumbai have COVID-19 antibodies
  342. ISRO to develop reusable GSLV Mk-III launch vehicle
  343. SpaceX launched 4 amateurs on private Earth-circling trip
  344. IIT-Bombay launches ‘Project Udaan’
  345. India-Singapore announces to link UPI and PayNow
  346. FDI policy for Space Sector
  347. Colexion: Largest Licenced NFT Platform
  348. MoS for Health & Family Welfare inaugurated Digital Population Clock
  349. Co-WIN develops new API called KYC-VS
  350. Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft completes 9,000 orbits around moon
  351. IISc-ISRO develop device to conduct microbial experiments in outer space
  352. Amazon India launches Kisan Store
  353. CORBEVAX’ gets DCGI approval for Clinical trials
  354. NASA’s Mars Rover collected its First Rock Sample
  355. China develops miniature helicopter for Mars missions
  356. WHO monitoring new COVID variant ‘Mu’
  357. What is Scrub Typhus?
  358. 'Super follows': Twitter launches new feature
  359. World’s first ‘Plant based’ Smart Air-Purifier “Ubreathe Life”
  360. IIT Madras to Develop Online Marketplace called e-Source
  361. IIT Roorkee-NDMA develop App to Predict Natural Disasters
  362. What is West Nile virus?
  363. Y-Break App launched by AYUSH Ministry
  364. PhonePe to serve as Direct Insurance Broker
  365. SpaceX launched ants, avocados, robotic arm to Space station
  366. QSim- India's first Quantum Computer Simulator Toolkit
  367. New AY.12 sub-lineage of Delta Variant
  368. India’s first mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccine
  369. What is Havana syndrome?
  370. Evidence of Solar-Driven Change traced on moon
  371. ISRO’s ‘Announcement of Opportunity’ to analyse Chandrayaan-2 orbiter data
  372. NeoBolt: India’s first indigenous Motorised Wheelchair Vehicle
  373. Yuktdhara: New portal launched under Geoportal Bhuvan
  374. INSACOG report: Delta variant driving infections in India
  375. DCGI approves ZyCoV-D vaccine for Emergency Use Authorization
  376. WHO’s medical alert on fake Covishield Vaccines
  377. New Covid Test using Pencil Lead
  378. Delta Plus variant cases in Maharashtra rises
  379. Nasal Covid Vaccine Gets Regulatory Nod for further trials
  380. NDMC launches 'Cleancity app'- Key Facts
  381. Chandrayaan 2 orbiter discovers water molecules on Moon
  382. GSLV failed to put Earth Observation Satellite into orbit
  383. ISRO: Countdown for launch of EOS-03 satellite starts
  384. Kejriwal to launch Faceless Transport Services
  385. Hyundai to launch N Line cars in India
  386. Zydus Cadila's needle-free Covid-19 vaccine to get approval
  387. ICMR Study: Mixed Covishield & Covaxin doses produce better immunity
  388. ISRO to launch Earth Observation Satellite
  389. IIT Roorkee launches Earthquake Early Warning Mobile App
  390. 'AICTE Translation Automation AI Tool'- Key Facts
  391. ISRO-NASA joint mission NISAR Satellite to be launched in 2023
  392. Intel, Education Ministry, CBSE launch ‘ÁI For All’ drive
  393. AICTE Creating Database to Promote Higher Education in Regional Languages: PM
  394. ISRO to Launch a Satellite for Natural Disaster Monitoring this Year
  395. COVID BEEP-India’s first Physiological Parameters Monitoring System
  396. Malaysia Registers World’s First Affordable New Drug for Hepatitis c
  397. Alphabet to launch a new Robotics Company- Intrinsic
  398. Bipyrazole Organic Crystals
  399. Chicken slaughter waste used as raw material for biodiesel production
  400. ISRO’s merchandiser programme takes off with 8 companies already onboard
  401. China to activate world's first clean Nuclear Reactor
  402. India plans to create Power Islanding systems
  403. IIT-K launches innovation hub to find solutions for anti-drone technologies
  404. Centre to invest Rs 324 crore to expand lab testing infrastructure
  405. NEA Scout: NASA’s New Spacecraft
  406. China rolls out high speed 600km/hr Maglev train
  407. IIT Ropar develops first-of-its-kind Oxygen rationing device - AMLEX
  408. IOC to build India's first green hydrogen plant at Mathura
  409. AI tool developed by IIT-M to study cancer causing mutations
  410. COVIHOME: IITH develops affordable COVID-19 testing kit
  411. IISc-Mynvax's heat-tolerant Covid vaccine
  412. Twitter shuts down 'Fleets' service
  413. Gaganyaan: ISRO successfully test fires liquid fuel engine
  414. Delhi govt-Google to provide Real-Time Bus Tracking Service
  415. US approves Blue Origin for Human Space Travel
  416. What is a Bitcoin Hardware Wallet?
  417. Virgin Galactic Space Flight soars into space
  418. Rare superluminous supernova spotted by Indian researchers
  419. DBT-NIBMG creates world’s 1st database of Oral Cancer variants
  420. Kerala govt. to have its own OTT platform
  421. Minister launches “Matsya Setu” app for Fishermen
  422. AI used to reveal Actual Shape of the Universe
  423. Scientists detect New Source of Gravitational waves
  424. NASA receives first Sample of Asteroid Ryugu
  425. Ayurveda dataset on Clinical Trials Registry-India Portal
  426. Chinese astronauts complete First Spacewalk at New Space Station
  427. Govt asks NPCI to start Electronic Vaccine Vouchers
  428. Cyberattacks hits hundreds of US firms
  429. ISRO gives nod to implement Satellite TV classrooms
  430. NASA’s NEOWISE Telescope gets two-Year Mission Extension
  431. MoU inked between AJNIFM and Microsoft
  432. Shopsy: Flipkart's New App for Online Business
  433. Elon Musk's Starlink to provide Internet globally
  434. Bulletin: Facebook’s new publishing tool
  435. Moderna: India licenses fourth Covid vaccine
  436. Indian Private players allowed to build and operate rocket launch sites
  437. ESA to hire First Disabled Astronaut
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