Revolutions and Political Developments 1750-1914


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                    1. Key economic changes that preceded the Industrial Revolution
                    2. What were the main features of Industrial revolution? Do you agree that Industrialization was at the root of competitive nationalism that led to great wars? Justify.
                    3. "For Britain, the American revolution brought more severe loss than simply the loss of thirteen colonies." Discuss in the light of consequences of American Revolution.
                    4. "The American War of Independence was a revolution that sought significant and deep societal change." Do you agree with this view?
                    5. American Revolution was a natural and even expected event in the history of colonial people who had come of age. Comment.
                    6. Present a critical overview of the circumstances that led to Revolution in France.
                    7. Explain the meaning of Ancien Regime and seigneurial system in context with pre-revolution France? What happened to them when revolution broke out in France?
                    8. Elucidate the meaning and importance of "Bastille" and "Great Fear" in context with French Revolution.
                    9. Napoleon was the child of the revolution, but in many ways he reversed the aims and principles of the movement from which he sprang. Comment.
                    10. The Napoleonic Empire was doomed because of its inherent and self-defeating contradictions. Elucidate.
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