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  1. Australia: In-principal support for net zero by 2050
  2. COP26: Bangladesh to share ‘Climate prosperity plan’
  3. Parambikulam Tiger Conservation Foundation wins Earth Guardian Award
  4. Japan: Mount Aso volcano erupts at Kyushu Island
  5. Air Quality Early Warning System (AQEWS) enhanced
  6. Report: India at top in Emissions related to Crop Burning
  7. Report: Africa’s glaciers to disappear soon
  8. What are Green Crackers?
  9. China sets up $233 million Kunming Biodiversity fund
  10. India's Plastic Waste Recycling Targets
  11. UN Biodiversity Summit begins in China
  12. Vision Plan (2021-2031) for Indian Zoos
  13. NITI Aayog: Handbook on Sustainable urban plastic waste management
  14. Supreme Court on National Green Tribunal’s (NGT) position
  15. India Joins High Ambition Coalition for Nature and People
  16. Delhi: Action plan to combat Air pollution in winters
  17. Odisha's initiatives to prevent Elephant electrocution
  18. NOAA report: August 2021 is the 6th-warmest in 142 years
  19. Wildlife Week 2021
  20. Tiger rallies started across 51 Reserves
  21. American bumblebee could be declared endangered
  22. New species of blind freshwater eel discovered in Mumbai
  23. India to increase share of renewable energy to 60 % in Major Ports
  24. Australia: Fossil of Oldest Koala-hunting eagle discovered
  25. 7th consecutive edition of Swachh Survekshan
  26. H.P.: World's highest EV charging station opened
  27. WMO Report: Climate Indicators and Sustainable Development
  28. IPCC report: Sea level rise is certain
  29. WHO revises Air Quality norms
  30. ARAI developed charger for Electric Vehicles
  31. Global companies to reduce emissions from ships by 2050
  32. COP 26: India pushing for Green Tech Transfer
  33. Two more Indian beaches gets International Blue Flag certification
  34. Swachhata Pakhwada launched in Cochin Port Trust
  35. RMI India launch ‘Shoonya’ Campaign
  36. England: First country to mandate new homes to install EV chargers
  37. World’s largest plant to suck CO2 from air starts in Iceland
  38. September 9: Himalaya Day 2021
  39. Jal Shakti Ministry launches Swachh Survekshan Grameen 2021
  40. Bhupendra Yadav launches PRANA Portal
  41. Environment Minister launches first functional Smog Tower
  42. IUCN: 37% of sharks and rays threatened with extinction
  43. Big John- Biggest Triceratops to be auctioned
  44. Tamil Nadu to set up India’s first Dugong Conservation Reserve
  45. Atlas of Mortality and Economic Losses from Weather, Climate and Water Extremes (1970-2019)
  46. India: 1st Asian Country to launch a Plastics pact
  47. Ladakh's New State animal and State bird
  48. Report: Protected Areas in Central Africa 2020
  49. Coal Ministry’s pilot project to replace Diesel with LNG
  50. World’s first ‘Plant based’ Smart Air-Purifier “Ubreathe Life”
  51. UNEP: Leaded petrol eradicated from the world
  52. Odisha's Kendrapara district: Only place to have all 3 Crocodile Species
  53. 'Latham’s Snipe' Migratory Bird
  54. India’s proposal to mandate using green hydrogen in fertilizer and refining
  55. NITI Aayog- WRI launched Forum for Decarbonising Transport
  56. Tropical storm Henri makes landfall near Rhode Island
  57. Delhi CM to inaugurate India's First Smog Tower
  58. UNICEF: Children in India at high risk of Climate Crisis impacts
  59. India's Highest Herbal Park inaugurated near Indo-China border
  60. Ratification of Kigali Amendment to Montreal Protocol
  61. Tropical Depression Grace over Haiti
  62. Kaziranga Park: India’s first National Park to give Satellite Phones to Forest Guards
  63. Four more Indian wetlands added to Ramsar list
  64. NDMC launches 'Cleancity app'- Key Facts
  65. Plastic Waste Management Amendment Rules, 2021
  66. WSO: Elephant landscape witnessing dramatic change in Odisha
  67. COP-26 head to visit India
  68. Wildfires in Algeria: Highlights
  69. August 10: World Lion Day
  70. IPCC report: Indian Ocean Warming rapidly
  71. Thailand bans Coral-Damaging Sunscreens
  72. Malpe Beach gets safety nets and red flags
  73. IMD undertook installation of Agro-Automatic Weather Stations
  74. 14 Tiger Reserves in India have accreditation of Global Conservation Standards
  75. Ministry of Earth Sciences launches ESSDP (Earth System Science Data Portal)
  76. 31.6% Rise in E-waste Generation Last Year
  77. Study: India can save $1.2 Billion a Year by Shutting Old Coal Plants
  78. Amazon Rainforest emits more CO2 than it absorbs
  79. EU releases tough Climate Change Plans
  80. Draft of Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework
  81. Bihar had maximum deaths due to lightning strikes since 2019
  82. National Dolphin Research Centre to come up in Patna
  83. China: Giant pandas are vulnerable, not endangered now
  84. WWF-UNEP report on Human-wildlife coexistence
  85. Himalayan yaks set to be insured
  86. Study: Over 7 lakh deaths per year in India linked to abnormal temperatures
  87. Delhi's NO2 pollution rose by 125 % in 1 year
  88. Gravelyia boro: New Underground Spider from Assam
  89. Rajasthan to develop Tiger Corridor connecting Three Tiger Reserves
  90. TNAU identifies grasses & trees to improve Elephant Habitats
  91. Tropical storm Elsa nears Cuba
  92. Gujarat: 194 crocodiles relocated from Panchmuli lake
  93. Checklist of Colombian Butterflies- Highlights
  94. Odisha: Only state to have all three species of crocodiles
  95. UN: Great Barrier Reef should be listed as 'in danger’
  96. Oil Spill from Haldia-bound Portuguese flag container ship
  97. Climate Change to Increase Sea Level in Lakshadweep: Study
  98. World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought
  99. Hebbal-Nagawara Valley Project
  100. Stygarctus keralensis: New Tardigrade species named after Kerala
  101. Cabinet approves Deep Ocean Mission
  102. Great Indian Bustards and related conflict with Power Lines
  103. What is Operation Olivia?
  104. Maharashtra: Action plan to Protect Heritage Trees
  105. May records 2nd highest rainfall in 121 years
  106. Dihing Patkai: 7th National Park of Assam
  107. IIT-Kharagpur develops Early Cyclone Detection Technique
  108. Two species of Monals sighted together in Arunachal Pradesh
  109. Raimona - Sixth national park of Assam
  110. PM Modi launches E-100 project
  111. Haryana to create 80 acres of 'Oxi-van'
  112. Blue-finned Mahseer moved out of IUCN red list
  113. UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration Report
  114. HDFC Bank to turn carbon neutral by 2031-32
  115. Argentine Ant- Key Facts
  116. Endangered African Violet plant discovered in Mizoram
  117. Govt to set up National Mission on use of Biomass
  118. Gharial Hatchlings seen in Odisha
  119. India Biodiversity Awards 2021
  120. Delhi records 8 new Species of Snakes
  121. Cheetah to be re-introduced in India
  122. Mount Nyiragongo erupts in Eastern DR Congo
  123. World Turtle Day 2021
  124. Invasive species cost African Economy $3.66 trillion a year
  125. Draft norms for 4-Wheeler Tyres to Raise Fuel Efficiency
  126. Cyclonic Storm Yaas to form in Bay of Bengal
  127. A-76: World's largest iceberg breaks off of Antarctica
  128. Antarctica heads towards Climate Tipping Point by 2060
  129. Sunflower sea star breeding to increase kelp forest
  130. Okeanos Explorer: US's Robotic Navigation tech to explore Ocean Floor
  131. NHRC on Ganga river and Dead Bodies
  132. Elephant Seal: Recent Study
  133. Cranes return to Ireland after 300 years
  134. Cyclone Tauktae: Strongest in West Coast in Two Decade
  135. Assam Elephants Death-Report indicates Lighting
  136. What is Ocean Rewilding?
  137. Whitley Awards, 2021
  138. Report: 99 of 100 cities with environmental risk are in Asia
  139. Vineyard Wind Project
  140. Pacific football fish
  141. Haryana undertakes Monkey Census as a part of Wildlife Census
  142. IEA: Renewable Energy Market Update
  143. Assam-UNICEF Online Flood Reporting System
  144. EAC allows Great Nicobar Plan to advance
  145. IUCN Report: Conflict and Conservation
  146. Area around Thane Creek Flamingo Sanctuary notified as ESZ
  147. Global Methane Assessment launched by UNEP and CCAC
  148. Endangered seals found dead on Russia’s Caspian coast
  149. Climate Action Tracker: Global warming by 2100 to be at 2.4°C
  150. Lineament: Cause of Assam Earthquakes
  151. First Genetically Modified Mosquitos
  152. Hoolock Gibbon: India has only one species
  153. What is Cicadas?
  154. Asiatic lions test COVID positive
  155. First supply of Used Cooking Oil-based Biodiesel
  156. Crocidura narcondamica: New Shrew species found at A&N
  157. Crimson Solar Project: US approves 550 million USD
  158. Olive Ridley Turtles stay away from Rushikulya river
  159. 40 Tonnes of Fish die in Lebanon
  160. RBI joins Network for Greening the Financial System- NGFS
  161. Char Dham Yatra suspended
  162. Mining Robot Stranded in the Pacific
  163. Genome Study on Endangered Sumatran rhinoceros
  164. Forest Fire in Mizoram
  165. New Zealand's action to save Maui dolphins
  166. Glacier burst reported in Sumna, Neeti Valley
  167. Second World Ocean Assessment
  168. Earth Day Summit
  169. What is Potamophylax coronavirus?
  170. Blue Nature Alliance- Global Marine initiative
  171. Cabinet approves Subsidy for Urea produced via Coal Gasification
  172. State of the Global Climate 2020 Report
  173. What is Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) alert?
  174. What is Deepwater Horizon Disaster?
  175. What is Table Mountain National Park?
  176. Study: Only 3% of land areas unspoiled by humans
  177. What is Forest fire Season?
  178. Facebook’s First Renewable Project in India
  179. What is eFuel?
  180. Deadly algae kill 4,000 tonnes of Salmon in Chile
  181. Bohag Bihu Bird Count 2021 begins
  182. How will Japan release contaminated Fukushima water into the ocean?
  183. Melting of Antarctica’s Thwaites Glacier “Doomsday Glacier”
  184. Endangered Irrawaddy dolphins count increase in Chilika Lake
  185. Many Endemic species may go extinct if GHG emissions rise
  186. India-US to focus on Climate Finance
  187. What is KVIC’s RE-HAB Project?
  188. Three-branded Rosefinch: New bird species in India
  189. Second Wave of Bird Flu in Himachal Pradesh
  190. India sets new record in ethanol blend with petrol
  191. Climate Change: Japan sees the earliest Cherry Blossoms ever
  192. Thermal Power Plants Emission Standards
  193. Biggest Floating Solar Power Plant of India
  194. Forest Governance by Indigenous and Tribal Peoples: Key Findings
  195. Mahendragiri: Odisha's Second Biosphere Reserve
  196. Top 5 Current Affairs Questions on Cherry Blossom
  197. New Assessment by IUCN on African elephants
  198. Global Wind Report-2021
  199. What are Flexible fuel vehicles (FFVs)?
  200. March 21: International Day of Forests
  201. India to conduct Radar Surveys of Himalayan Glaciers
  202. IIT Bombay's Energy Swaraj Yatra Bus- Key Facts
  203. 11 committees set up to drive country to Circular Economy
  204. New Vehicle Scrapping Policy- Highlights
  205. CSIR-NIO Launches Project to map Genetic Diversity in Indian Ocean
  206. World’s Largest Floating Solar Farms being built in Singapore
  207. Supreme Court’s Suggestion on saving Great Indian Bustard
  208. NGT sets up Committee to prevent unscientific mining in Meghalaya
  209. Fire in Shetrunjay Hills Reserve Forest Area
  210. Heavy sandstorm in Beijing- Key Highlights
  211. Sangay Volcano erupts with huge ash
  212. Centre’s Panel for Air Quality Management in NCR Dissolved
  213. How Warming Oceans affects Metabolism of Sharks?
  214. Olive Ridley Turtles arrive at Gahirmatha Beach
  215. Madhya Pradesh Tourism introduces Night Safari
  216. Simlipal Forest Fire- Highlights
  217. Five new shrub Frogs species found in Western Ghats
  218. India-Norway: To Conduct Marine Spatial Planning
  219. Himalayan Serow Spotted in Assam
  220. 2021 is make or break year to confront global climate emergency: UN Chief
  221. Delhi to switch all its hired vehicles to EVs in 6 months
  222. Central Team Report on Odisha Elephant Deaths
  223. New Alpine Plant Species Discovered in Arunachal Pradesh
  224. Bangladesh bans all known Vulture-Toxic Drugs
  225. India & Mauritius signs Limited Trade Pact agreement
  226. Rare Birds sighted in Mangalore University
  227. Mass Migration of Blue Earthworms in Meghalaya
  228. US officially re-joined the Paris Climate Deal
  229. Oldest DNA recovered from the Teeth of Siberian mammoths
  230. PiMo- eBike launched by IIT Madras-Incubated start-up
  231. ECOPact: New Low-Carbon range of Concrete
  232. Nesting of Olive Ridley begins
  233. Earthquake of magnitude 6.3 hits Tajikistan
  234. J&K-UK Space Agency- joined hands for Flood Forecasting
  235. 'Jalabhishekam' Water Conservation Campaign
  236. Mandarin Duck spotted after 118 years in Assam
  237. India's First CNG Tractor to be Launched
  238. ISRO released Images of Uttarakhand Glacier Burst
  239. LANCET Modelling Study on Paris Climate Agreement
  240. Denmark to construct World’s First Energy Island
  241. What is Glacial Lake Outburst Flood?
  242. Govt to work with RBI for Privatisation of Banks
  243. Chamoli tragedy: Glacial Breach Triggered Floods
  244. Ladakh to get India's first Geothermal Power Project
  245. Srivilliputhur–Megamalai – 5th Tiger Reserve in TN
  246. China to set up Public Platform to track Polluters
  247. First Thunderstorm Research Testbed of India
  248. Kaliveli Wetlands- First Declaration for converting it into Bird Sanctuary
  249. India's first Centre for Wetland Conservation and Management to be opened in Chennai
  250. How Green tax will impact the sale of CNG Car?
  251. National Marine Turtle Action Plan Launched
  252. UNEP Global Climate Litigation Report 2021
  253. Mt Merapi: Indonesia's most Active Volcano
  254. Global Climate Risk Index 2021
  255. Climate Adaptation Summit 2021
  256. What is Green Tax?
  257. Satellite images for Elephant Survey
  258. ZSI: Sunderbans is home to 428 species of birds
  259. What is “Blue Jet Lightning”?
  260. What is Sudden Stratospheric Warming?
  261. What is Great Green Wall Initiative?
  262. Tropical Rain Belt: Climate Change to alter its position
  263. What is Keystone Pipeline Project?
  264. Jammu & Kashmir: GI tag for Gucchi Mushroom
  265. Flint Water Crisis
  266. Pakistan permits Dubai Royals to hunt “Houbara Bustard”
  267. Tsar Icicle
  268. What is Insect Apocalypse?
  269. Khadi Prakritik Paint
  270. Advisory for Human-Wildlife Conflict Management
  271. AI based Survey of African Elephants
  272. Bird Flu outbreak in India
  273. DRDO Biodigester Mk II technology in metro rail
  274. Statement on Climate of India during 2020
  275. Floating Solar Energy Project
  276. 40th Indian Scientific Expedition to Antarctica
  277. Bird Deaths in Pong Dam Sanctuary
  278. Massive wildfire in Dzukou Valley, on Manipur-Nagaland border
  279. Avian Flu in Rajasthan
  280. Kolar Leaf-Nosed Bat
  281. India’s First Hot Air Balloon Safari
  282. Ladakh's Tso Kar Wetland Complex- India's 42nd Ramsar site
  283. European Union bans Export of Plastic Waste to poor countries
  284. Air Quality Commission's Directions on Piped Natural Gas (PNG)
  285. New Population of Blue Whales in Western Indian Ocean
  286. Kilauea Volcano on Hawaii Big Island
  287. IUCN: 11% of Indian sharks, rays and chimaeras face high risk of extinction
  288. What is E20 fuel?
  289. Network for Greening the Financial System (NGFS)
  290. Golden Peacock Environment Management Award
  291. First recorded human sighting of Himalayan serow
  292. UNEP's 2020 Young Champions of the Earth Award
  293. Regional Climate Centre for Himalayas
  294. Miyawaki Method of Afforestation
  295. One-time voluntary disclosure scheme for exotic animals
  296. Sustainable Mountain Development Summit
  297. What is Micro-climatic Zone Shifting?
  298. International Mountain Day: December 11
  299. Frothing in River Yamuna
  300. What are Eco-Bridges or Eco-ducts?
  301. Climate Change Performance Index
  302. Feminisation of Red Sea Turtles
  303. Current Affairs - December 7, 2020 [Today's News Headlines]
  304. Bihar migratory bird festival
  305. Sea Fans
  306. Foul Air Death
  307. Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Oil Deposits
  308. Bhashan Char Island
  309. Malayan Giant Squirrel: First Survey in India
  310. Can Alligators regrow their tails?
  311. Where is the active volcano “Mount Semeru?”
  312. Apex Committee for the Implementation of the Paris Agreement: Key Facts
  313. US Air Quality Index-Highlights
  314. What are the Blue tides spotted at Mumbai beaches?
  315. Gujarat's PPP project in Leopard rescue and rehabilitation
  316. GoI launches India Climate Change Knowledge Portal
  317. PM Modi launches “Har Ghar Nal Yojana” in Uttar Pradesh
  318. Pilibhit Tiger Reserve receives first TX2 International Award for doubling its population
  319. SATAT Initiative: MoUs signed to set up 900 Compressed Bio Gas Plants
  320. Last White Giraffe of the world fitted with GPS tracking device
  321. First Convergence Project of India to generate green energy
  322. National Action Plan for Vulture Conservation, 2020-2025
  323. Tristan da Cunha becomes the largest Marine Protection Zone of Atlantic Ocean
  324. Lonar Lake and Sur Sarovar Lake added to Ramsar site
  325. Manipur: Orders issued to protect Amur Falcons
  326. Report on Decline of US Coral Reefs
  327. Second National Water Awards: Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Rajasthan secure top positions
  328. Australia-India Water Centre inaugurated
  329. NASA: Earth Surface Mass has deviated
  330. Wildlife Institute of India: High Biodiversity in 49% of Ganges
  331. What are “Tarballs” fastening Himalayan Glacial melting?
  332. Indian Meteorological Department to provide predictions for Malaria from next monsoon
  333. Why did India skip Cyclones in October, 2020? How is it related to Madden Julian Oscillation?
  334. 500 metre tall Coral Reef discovered in Australia Great Barrier Reef
  335. Tamil Nadu: 100% Motor Vehicle Tax Exemption to EVs
  336. GoI releases first instalment of Rs 2,200 crores to 15 states to improve Air Quality measures
  337. Mansar Lake Development Project of J&K: Key Facts
  338. UNESCO lists Panna under Biosphere Reserves
  339. Indian Oil and IISc join hands for Hydrogen Generation Technology
  340. President promulgates Ordinance to constitute Air Quality Management Commission in NCR
  341. Two New Ramsar sites designated in India: Key Facts
  342. Vulture conservation centres to be established in 5 states of India
  343. GoI to create a permanent body to control air pollution in Delhi
  344. Suture Zone in the Himalayas has become Tectonically Active
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