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  1. Odisha: Siren project to alert Elephant movement
  2. Himachal: Single-use plastic Buy back scheme
  3. Ban on entry of medium, heavy vehicles into Delhi
  4. Assam Floods and Landslides
  5. Massive Wild Fires in Spain and Germany
  6. Ban of Use of ‘Single-use plastic’
  7. Giant Stingray: World’s largest freshwater fish
  8. UNESCO Reserve List: Khuvsgul Lake National Park
  9. Industrial Decarbonization Summit 2022
  10. Rhino reintroduction in Assam
  11. European Parliament Ban on Petrol and Diesel Cars
  12. Canada Carbon Emissions Market
  13. India's achievement in Ethanol Blending
  14. Blue Duke: State butterfly of Sikkim
  15. New Reserves and Wildlife Sanctuaries of Maharashtra
  16. Bihar: Elephant rescue Centre at Valmiki Tiger Reserve
  17. LiFE-Lifestyle for Environment Movement
  18. World Environment Day 2022
  19. Mandatory Eco-sensitive Zone (ESZ)
  20. Stockholm+50 Conference -Highlights
  21. Painted Leopard Gecko
  22. Recognition of community forest resource (CFR) rights inside Kanger Ghati National Park
  23. State of Global Climate Report 2021
  24. Europe's Record Dam Removal
  25. Iraq Dust Storms
  26. WEF's Alliance of CEO Climate Action Leaders- India
  27. Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)
  28. Amendment in Biofuels Policy
  29. ‘Nanjarayan Tank’ - Tamil Nadu's New Bird Sanctuary
  30. Key Findings of ‘Drought in Numbers, 2022’ report
  31. Energy Budget of a planet
  32. Seoul Forest Declaration
  33. Mumbai: First Organic Waste-powered EV Charging Station
  34. Conference of the Parties (COP15) of UNCCD
  35. 2022 World Food Prize
  36. Rajasthan: First to surpass 10 GW solar capacity
  37. Environmental Impact of Jog Falls Project
  38. IIT Bombay's collaboration with India Meteorological Department (IMD)
  39. 2022 State of World's Forests Report
  40. Indo-German Partnership for Green and Sustainable Development
  41. Palli: India’s First ‘Carbon-neutral Panchayat’
  42. South Africa Flood Disaster
  43. Improving Iron Absorption from Grains
  44. Actinimenes koyas: New Species of Shrimp
  45. IMD's First Long-Range Forecast
  46. ‘Tree City of the World’ Tag
  47. IISc Study: Microplastics in Cauvery River
  48. India's Coastline Erosion
  49. CEEW Study on Forest Fires
  50. 'Prakriti': Environmental Awareness Mascot
  51. IPCC's Sixth Assessment Report- Highlights
  52. Arunachal Pradesh: Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan
  53. India's Warmest Days in 121 Years
  54. Rough-toothed Dolphins
  55. Warming of Tropical Indian Ocean
  56. Kerala: Identification of New Marine Species
  57. Wildlife Conservation Bond
  58. Study: Fish in Great Barrier Reef Fading
  59. UN-WMO Goal for Climate Early Warning Systems
  60. Cyclone Asani
  61. What is 'Daylight Saving Time'?
  62. Rejuvenation Project of 13 Rivers
  63. Mumbai Climate Action Plan
  64. Halari Donkey Breed
  65. Power Foundation
  66. Study: Amazon Rainforest close to Tipping Point
  67. What are 'Karewas'?
  68. Manas National Park- Rise in Tiger Population
  69. What is a 'Trellis structure'?
  70. Plastics Innovation Hub Indonesia
  71. Acetabularia jalakanyakae
  72. Climateprenurship
  73. WII Report on Sunderbans Tigers
  74. 'Sambhav' and 'Svavlamban' initiatives
  75. Glycosmis albicarpa
  76. 50th Anniversary of UNEP
  77. Global Plastics Treaty
  78. Ecuador's New Species of Orchid
  79. Rain Bomb Phenomenon
  80. U.S. Report on Sea Level Rise
  81. Palk Bay Dugong Reserve
  82. Tropical Cyclone Emnati
  83. India's first e-waste eco-park
  84. What is a 'Megadrought'?
  85. Euphlyctis jaladhara
  86. China: Two Prehistoric Bird Species
  87. Dearc sgiathanach: New Species of Pterosaur
  88. Aardvark Calf
  89. Storm Eunice across Europe
  90. Recent Study on Pollination of Moths
  91. UNEP Frontiers Report
  92. Indian Army’s Bent-Toed Gecko
  93. Green Hydrogen Policy
  94. Study on Greater Maldive Ridge (GMR)
  95. Solar Waste Handling in India
  96. High Ambition Coalition on Biodiversity Beyond National Jurisdiction
  97. Australia: Designation of Koalas as Endangered species
  98. Kaziranga National Park- Recent Study on Climate Change
  99. Increase in pollution levels in Mumbai
  100. White Cheeked Macaque
  101. Reintroduction of Cheetahs in India
  102. Loss of Ice in South Col Glacier
  103. Western Ghats: New gecko species
  104. Sariska Tiger Reserve-Rise in Tigers
  105. Cyclone Barsirai
  106. Kerala: New species of spider and millipede
  107. Aravalli Biodiversity Park-India’s first OECM site
  108. Melting on Mount Everest
  109. Chilika Lake Annual survey
  110. Assam Leopard census
  111. Scomberoides pelagicus: New fish (Pola Vatta)
  112. Ecuador Landslide
  113. Two New Ramsar sites
  114. Uganda Oil Deal
  115. Plastic snowfall in the Alps
  116. Humbertium covidum: New hammerhead flatworm species
  117. Climate Change: Early Flowering in UK
  118. Global Center of Excellence in Affordable and Clean Energy
  119. New Study on Tree Species
  120. Neuroterus valhalla: New Wasp species
  121. Two New Bird Species from Borneo
  122. India’s Rank in Forest Area Gain
  123. Tahiti Pristine Coral reef
  124. India's First Geo Park
  125. NASA Ocean Melting Greenland Mission
  126. What is Green Climate Fund for adaptation?
  127. Artificial Snow in Beijing Winter Olympics
  128. Snowfall in the Sahara Desert
  129. Australia's new Plan to protect Great Barrier Reef
  130. A.P: Mass mortality of spot-billed pelicans
  131. Najafgarh jheel restoration plan
  132. Peru Environmental Emergency
  133. Ramisyllis kingghidorahi: New Species of Branching Worm
  134. South Bengal Elephant Corridors
  135. Earth's sixth mass extinction
  136. Indian Environment Service
  137. Meghalaya Living Root Bridges
  138. 'Climate of India during 2021' report
  139. Environment Ministry Star Rating System
  140. Census in Kaziranga National Park
  141. Nusantara-Indonesia New Capital
  142. Antarctica Icefish Breeding Colony
  143. Climate Hazards and Vulnerability Atlas of India
  144. Collarwali tigress
  145. Delhi’s first DTC Electric Bus
  146. Volcanic Eruption in Tonga
  147. India’s State of Forest Report 2021
  148. Gulabo: India's oldest sloth bear
  149. Expansion of Orang National Park
  150. What are 'Western disturbances'?
  151. IUCN assessment on Red Sanders
  152. Study: 2021 was Earth’s fifth-hottest year
  153. What is 'Aquamation'?
  154. Asian Waterbird Census (AWC)
  155. Uvariopsis dicaprio
  156. India’s Non – Fossil Fuel Milestone
  157. Regulations on Waste Tyres Management
  158. Action Plan for Introduction of Cheetah in India
  159. Chilika Water Bird Status Survey – 2022
  160. Mud Crab Reovirus (MCRV)
  161. Plan Bee
  162. MoHUA Climate Change Awareness Campaign
  163. What is Monoceromyia flavoscutata?
  164. Measures to conserve Western Ghats
  165. Energy Transition Advisory Committee (Tarun Kapoor Committee)
  166. Largest ever Rhino Transfer
  167. Tiger Deaths in India in 2021
  168. Guidelines for Flex-Fuel Vehicles and Flex-Fuel Strong Hybrid EVs
  169. Why is 'Rare Pink Handfish' seen in the news?
  170. What are reasons for Unnatural Death of Elephants in India?
  171. 66-million-year-old dinosaur embryo found in China
  172. Barn owl sighted in Bihar
  173. UNICEF climate change curriculum in Maharashtra schools
  174. Update of IUCN Red List of Threatened Species
  175. Royal Bengal Tiger sighted at Buxa Reserve
  176. Carcass Of Endangered Bryde's Whale found at Odisha Coast
  177. Flatbill flycatcher- New Species of Bird Discovered in South America
  178. Project RE – HAB
  179. Kyhytysuka sachicarum: New Marine Reptile Discovered
  180. Kuno National Park to get 13 cheetahs next year
  181. Australia declares 'La Nina weather event begins'
  182. IQAir: 94 of 100 most polluted cities in India, China, Pakistan
  183. Amazon Deforestation reaches 15 years high
  184. Swachh Survekshan -2021 awards
  185. Delhi pledges to clean Yamuna by 2025
  186. What is “Clean Ocean Manifesto”?
  187. MoFPI inked MoU with Department of Animal husbandry & Dairying to improve livestock sector
  188. Centre proposes measures to reduce Delhi air pollution
  189. Study: White-tailed deer being infected with SARS-CoV-2
  190. Kaiser-i-Hind: Arunachal’s State butterfly
  191. Recent data from ICRI on Stubble Burning Incidents
  192. Sharks and Seahorses found in Thames River
  193. Egypt to host COP27 Climate Summit next year
  194. Toxic Foam in Yamuna River
  195. Haritha Karma Sena (Green Action Force) - Key Facts
  196. Delhi: Air quality in severe category
  197. TN: SPV to manage Nature conservation missions
  198. COP26: Economic Implications of India's targets
  199. What is the Global Methane Pledge?
  200. New Zealand's annual Bird of The Year award
  201. International Methane Emissions Observatory (IMEO) launched at G20 summit
  202. COP26's First Major Deal
  203. Punjab to begin Census of Indus River Dolphin
  204. India officially endorses Emission list
  205. "Don’t Choose Extinction": UNDP Video on Climate Change
  206. Australia: In-principal support for net zero by 2050
  207. COP26: Bangladesh to share ‘Climate prosperity plan’
  208. Parambikulam Tiger Conservation Foundation wins Earth Guardian Award
  209. Japan: Mount Aso volcano erupts at Kyushu Island
  210. Air Quality Early Warning System (AQEWS) enhanced
  211. Report: India at top in Emissions related to Crop Burning
  212. Report: Africa’s glaciers to disappear soon
  213. What are Green Crackers?
  214. What is Kunming Biodiversity Fund?
  215. India's Plastic Waste Recycling Targets
  216. UN Biodiversity Summit begins in China
  217. Vision Plan (2021-2031) for Indian Zoos
  218. NITI Aayog: Handbook on Sustainable urban plastic waste management
  219. Supreme Court on National Green Tribunal’s (NGT) position
  220. India Joins High Ambition Coalition for Nature and People
  221. Delhi: Action plan to combat Air pollution in winters
  222. Odisha's initiatives to prevent Elephant electrocution
  223. NOAA report: August 2021 is the 6th-warmest in 142 years
  224. Wildlife Week 2021
  225. Tiger rallies started across 51 Reserves
  226. American bumblebee could be declared endangered
  227. New species of blind freshwater eel discovered in Mumbai
  228. India to increase share of renewable energy to 60 % in Major Ports
  229. Australia: Fossil of Oldest Koala-hunting eagle discovered
  230. 7th consecutive edition of Swachh Survekshan
  231. H.P.: World's highest EV charging station opened
  232. WMO Report: Climate Indicators and Sustainable Development
  233. IPCC report: Sea level rise is certain
  234. WHO revises Air Quality norms
  235. ARAI developed charger for Electric Vehicles
  236. Global companies to reduce emissions from ships by 2050
  237. COP 26: India pushing for Green Tech Transfer
  238. Two more Indian beaches gets International Blue Flag certification
  239. Swachhata Pakhwada launched in Cochin Port Trust
  240. RMI India launch ‘Shoonya’ Campaign
  241. England: First country to mandate new homes to install EV chargers
  242. World’s largest plant to suck CO2 from air starts in Iceland
  243. September 9: Himalaya Day 2021
  244. Jal Shakti Ministry launches Swachh Survekshan Grameen 2021
  245. Bhupendra Yadav launches PRANA Portal
  246. Environment Minister launches first functional Smog Tower
  247. IUCN: 37% of sharks and rays threatened with extinction
  248. Big John- Biggest Triceratops to be auctioned
  249. Tamil Nadu to set up India’s first Dugong Conservation Reserve
  250. Atlas of Mortality and Economic Losses from Weather, Climate and Water Extremes (1970-2019)
  251. India: 1st Asian Country to launch a Plastics pact
  252. Ladakh's New State animal and State bird
  253. Report: Protected Areas in Central Africa 2020
  254. Coal Ministry’s pilot project to replace Diesel with LNG
  255. World’s first ‘Plant based’ Smart Air-Purifier “Ubreathe Life”
  256. UNEP: Leaded petrol eradicated from the world
  257. Odisha's Kendrapara district: Only place to have all 3 Crocodile Species
  258. 'Latham’s Snipe' Migratory Bird
  259. India’s proposal to mandate using green hydrogen in fertilizer and refining
  260. NITI Aayog- WRI launched Forum for Decarbonising Transport
  261. Tropical storm Henri makes landfall near Rhode Island
  262. Delhi CM to inaugurate India's First Smog Tower
  263. UNICEF: Children in India at high risk of Climate Crisis impacts
  264. India's Highest Herbal Park inaugurated near Indo-China border
  265. Ratification of Kigali Amendment to Montreal Protocol
  266. Tropical Depression Grace over Haiti
  267. Kaziranga Park: India’s first National Park to give Satellite Phones to Forest Guards
  268. Four more Indian wetlands added to Ramsar list
  269. NDMC launches 'Cleancity app'- Key Facts
  270. Plastic Waste Management Amendment Rules, 2021
  271. WSO: Elephant landscape witnessing dramatic change in Odisha
  272. COP-26 head to visit India
  273. Wildfires in Algeria: Highlights
  274. August 10: World Lion Day
  275. IPCC report: Indian Ocean Warming rapidly
  276. Thailand bans Coral-Damaging Sunscreens
  277. Malpe Beach gets safety nets and red flags
  278. IMD undertook installation of Agro-Automatic Weather Stations
  279. 14 Tiger Reserves in India have accreditation of Global Conservation Standards
  280. Ministry of Earth Sciences launches ESSDP (Earth System Science Data Portal)
  281. 31.6% Rise in E-waste Generation Last Year
  282. Study: India can save $1.2 Billion a Year by Shutting Old Coal Plants
  283. Amazon Rainforest emits more CO2 than it absorbs
  284. EU releases tough Climate Change Plans
  285. Draft of Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework
  286. Bihar had maximum deaths due to lightning strikes since 2019
  287. National Dolphin Research Centre to come up in Patna
  288. China: Giant pandas are vulnerable, not endangered now
  289. WWF-UNEP report on Human-wildlife coexistence
  290. Himalayan yaks set to be insured
  291. Study: Over 7 lakh deaths per year in India linked to abnormal temperatures
  292. Delhi's NO2 pollution rose by 125 % in 1 year
  293. Gravelyia boro: New Underground Spider from Assam
  294. Rajasthan to develop Tiger Corridor connecting Three Tiger Reserves
  295. TNAU identifies grasses & trees to improve Elephant Habitats
  296. Tropical storm Elsa nears Cuba
  297. Gujarat: 194 crocodiles relocated from Panchmuli lake
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