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This E-Book has the compilation of following articles published in GKToday in last 1 year.

  1. Unprecedented Heatwave Grips Eastern Antarctica
  2. India's First Green Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus
  3. Study Links High PM2.5 Pollution Levels to Increased Breast Cancer Risk
  4. State of the Rhino Report
  5. Summer 2023 Marks Hottest on Record
  6. 40% Increase in Elephant Corridors Across India
  7. Human Activities Drive Extinction of Entire Genera, Threatening the 'Tree of Life'
  8. 2023 WMO Air Quality and Climate Bulletin
  9. Antarctica Warming Faster Than Expected, Threatening Global Sea Level Rise
  10. UN Climate Report Warns of Closing Window to Limit Global Warming
  11. Indian States Witness Extreme Temperature Increase: Report
  12. Fossil Fuel Companies and Brokers Expected to Benefit Most from ACMI
  13. Annual Report on 'Changes in Per Capita Coal Power Emissions of G20 Countries'
  14. New LED Lights Worsening Light Pollution
  15. Impact of Extreme Weather on CEFM
  16. UN Biodiversity Advocates for Fungi Recognition Through "FUNGA" Campaign
  17. Air Pollution's Disproportionate Impact on Global Life Expectancy
  18. Droughts Threaten Global Trade Routes and Supply Chains
  19. Emperor Penguins Face "Quasi Extinction"
  20. Rising Temperatures Linked to Extensive Leaf Mortality in Tropical Forests
  21. Rising Temperatures Could Heighten Virulence of Dengue Virus
  22. "Climate Change Threatens Himalayan Cedar
  23. Heat-Induced Food Insecurity
  24. Debt-Fossil Fuel Trap
  25. Vegetated Canopies
  26. Deterioration of Eilat’s Red Sea Coral Reefs
  27. Link between PM2.5 Air Pollution and Antibiotic Resistance
  28. Redwoods Rising Project
  29. Tropical Storm Greg
  30. Carbon Dioxide Drives Volcanic Eruption
  31. Childhood Exposure to Lead Increases Risk of Criminal Behaviour in Adulthood
  32. Microplastics in Human Hearts
  33. Elephant Population Estimates
  34. Enhanced Analysis of Global Water Distribution
  35. Climate Change Fuels Spread of Plant Pests
  36. Hawaiian Island of Maui Devastated by Wildfires
  37. India Reduces Emissions Rate by 33 Percent over 14 Years
  38. Link Between Air Pollution and Rise of Antibiotic Resistance
  39. IWC’s First Extinction Alert
  40. “Still Unprepared” Report
  41. Impact of Climate Change on Shaligrams
  42. 2023 Plastic Overshoot Day Report
  43. Western Tragopan
  44. Parkachik Glacier
  45. Gulf Stream System
  46. Marine Heat Waves
  47. Ludwigia peruviana
  48. Link Between Air Pollution and Lung Disease
  49. Solar Radiation Management
  50. Oceans' Short-Lived Halogens Contribute 8-10% Cooling
  51. Indian Ocean Dipole
  52. American Bald Eagle
  53. High Death Rates in Bee Colonies
  54. Burmese Peacock Softshell Turtles
  55. Climate Change Threatens Lake Victoria Basin
  56. Lightning Activity in the European Eastern Alps
  57. Unusual Behavior of Western Disturbances in India
  58. Heatwave in India
  59. Glacier Mass Loss in the Hindu Kush Himalayas
  60. Report Reveals Europe's Heatwave and Climate Change Impacts
  61. Groundwater Extraction Tilts the Earth
  62. Miyawaki Forests
  63. What is Fish Kill?
  64. Global Mean Temperature Crosses 1.5 Degree Celsius Threshold
  65. Study on Ice-Free Conditions of Arctic Ocean
  66. France’s Ban on Short-haul Flights
  67. Repeat Offenders: Coal Power Plants Top the EU Emitters List
  68. Enhanced Rock Weathering
  69. Nilgiri Marten - Current Updates (May, 2023)
  70. A Third of Global Population to Live in Dangerously Hot Areas
  71. Barkudia Limbless Skink
  72. African Plume Heatwave
  73. Panthera and Oxford University's WildCRU Collaborate to Protect Lions
  74. Satellites Reveal Widespread Decline in Global Lake Water Storage
  75. Early El Nino
  76. New UNEP Roadmap to Slash Plastic Pollution
  77. “Changing Status of Tropical Cyclones Over the North Indian Ocean” Report
  78. Queensland's Isaac River Coal Mine
  79. Eretmoptera murphyi in Signy Island
  80. Carbon Credit Trading Scheme
  81. Credit Suisse-Ecuador Debt-for-Nature Swap Deal
  82. COP28 to Focus on Health Impacts of Climate Change
  83. New York Becomes the First US State to Ban Fossil Fuels in New Buildings
  84. Petersberg Climate Dialogue
  85. India’s Own Heat Index
  86. What are Heat Domes?
  87. Cycas pectinata
  88. Banking on Climate Chaos Report
  89. New Research Findings: Black Rockfish Larvae Thrive in Warmer Oceans
  90. Australia’s Safeguard Mechanism
  91. Coastal Kerala Geckoella
  92. Verein KlimaSeniorinnen Schweiz and Others v. Switzerland
  93. New Guinea Singing Dog
  94. First Urban Climate Film Festival
  95. Aravalli Green Wall Project
  96. What is Nemateleotris lavandula?
  97. Utility Bidder’s Deforestation Report
  98. Background Radiation
  99. Cyrtopodion Vindhya
  100. NZIA and CRMA
  101. Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis
  102. Ganeshaiah's Dwarf Gecko
  103. Fact Sheet: Thiania indica
  104. What is East African Rift?
  105. Cyclone Freddy: Important Facts About the Deadly Tropical Cyclone
  106. Godlewski’s Bunting and the Species Boundary: Important Facts
  107. IPCC Meet in Switzerland and Synthesis Report: Important Facts
  108. What is Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphin?
  109. Global Greenhouse Gas Monitoring Infrastructure
  110. What are Great Indian Bustards?
  111. What is International Big Cat Alliance?
  112. What is Compensatory Afforestation?
  113. Where is Yellowstone National Park?
  114. What is Plasticosis?
  115. What is Phyllurus fimbriatus?
  116. What is Polystoechotes punctate?
  117. What is Tillyardembiids?
  118. What is Arribada?
  119. What is Sea Ice?
  120. Methane Global Tracker report
  121. Holistic Development of Great Nicobar Island Project
  122. World Wildlife Day 2023
  123. What was Hyneria udlezinye?
  124. What is Borthekera?
  125. Bird Survey Dharoi 2023
  126. Bihar Fog Alert System at $50,000
  127. India joins Agriculture Innovation Mission for Climate
  128. What are the risks of Ohio Derailment?
  129. Namami Gange Executive Committee approves nine projects
  130. Cross Dependency Initiative: 9 Indian states most vulnerable to climate risks
  131. World Pangolin Day: Data on Pangolin poaching in India
  132. Study on Thwaites Glacier
  133. EU formally bans gas, diesel car sales from 2035
  134. Marine Spatial Planning Framework
  135. Study: Noise from Deep Sea Mining disrupts Whale Song
  136. Hollow Hog to help Australia’s Endangered Wildlife
  137. Project Cheetah: India gets 12 cheetahs from South Africa
  138. Wetland Ex-Situ Conservation Establishment (WESCE)
  139. Ukaguru Spiny-throated reed frog: New Silent frog species
  140. India’s First Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine (H2-ICE) powered truck
  141. Global Climate Resilience Fund-50 million USD for women
  142. IEA Report on India LiFE Initiative
  143. Yaya Tso to be Ladakh’s First Biodiversity Heritage Site
  144. What are E20 fuels?
  145. India Energy Week 2023
  146. US, Brazil to join India led Biofuels Alliance
  147. CITES Database on red sanders smuggling
  148. World Wetlands Day, 2023
  149. Punjab Policy on Groundwater Usage
  150. Amrit Dharohar Scheme
  151. MISHTI Scheme for Mangrove plantations
  152. Hibbertopterus lamsdelli: New species of Giant Sea Scorpion
  153. Scientific Study on Sea Erosion in Kozhikode
  154. Noble’s Helen: New Swallowtail Butterfly from Arunachal Pradesh
  155. Soliga ecarinata: New Wasp named after Soliga Community
  156. Tax – Paid Green Bond Issuance
  157. Mass Mortality of Olive Ridley Turtles in Andhra
  158. Uganda’s First Oil Drilling Program
  159. Mega Infrastructure Project on Great Nicobar Islands
  160. Decline in Number of birds in Kole Wetlands
  161. Odisha’s Strategy to mitigate Human-Elephant Conflict
  162. Neelakurinji Plant Listed as a Protected Species under Wildlife Protection Act
  163. Odisha: CAMPA New Action Plan for 2023-24
  164. Earth's Ozone Layer on Track to Recovery within Four Decades
  165. Joshimath 'Sinking Zone'
  166. Bird Population and Diversity Increases at Bhitarkanika National Park
  167. Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano
  168. Study on Asian elephants
  169. Silent Valley Bird Survey
  170. Madagascar: Discovery of 20 New Frog Species
  171. Europe Winter Heat wave
  172. Nilgiri Tahr Project
  173. Bomb Cyclone - Update (December, 2022)
  174. Bar-headed Goose
  175. Study: Antarctica’s Emperor Penguins May Go Extinct by 2100
  176. Decline of Polar Bear Population in Canada
  177. Recent Rewilding of Endangered Asian Giant Tortoises
  178. India’s First Green Steel
  179. Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism
  180. Scientists Freeze Great Barrier Reef Coral
  181. World Bank: Curbing Air Pollution in India Needs Efforts Across South Asia
  182. World Restoration Flagships
  183. Himalayan Medicinal Plants in IUCN Red List
  184. Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Indian Botanic Garden
  185. State of Finance for Nature 2022 Report
  186. Tungareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary Exempted from SC’s ESZ Mandate
  187. UN Panel Recommendation on Great Barrier Reef
  188. SC’s Idea on Project GIB
  189. State of Global Water Resources Report
  190. NITI Aayog on Decarbonizing Industrial Emissions
  191. CITES COP19 Downgrades Status of Southern White Rhinos
  192. The Plastic Life-Cycle
  193. State of the Climate Report for Australia
  194. Warming Arctic Ocean Increasing Snowfall in Siberia
  195. Panantza-San Carlos Mining Project
  196. Leith's Softshell Turtle
  197. Continuous Marine Water Quality Monitoring System
  198. Illegal Wildlife Trade and Climate Change: Joining the Dots
  199. Deloitte Center for Sustainable Progress report
  200. Loss and Damage Fund
  201. Kameng Hydropower Station
  202. National Centre of Excellence for Green Port & Shipping
  203. Black-Naped Pheasant-Pigeon
  204. IIT-G study on Extreme Weather Events
  205. “Who is Financing Fossil Fuel Expansion in Africa?” Report
  206. Koronivia Joint Work on Agriculture
  207. Red-crowned Roofed Turtle - Update (November, 2022)
  208. State of the Climate in Asia 2021 Report
  209. Global Shield Against Climate Risks Initiative
  210. Indonesia Just Energy Partnership
  211. Climate Change Performance Index 2023
  212. India's Long-Term Low Emission Development Strategy
  213. Methane Alert and Response System
  214. E-Waste (Management) Rules, 2022
  215. Global Carbon Budget 2022
  216. Report: Information on many Ramsar Sites Outdated
  217. Middle East Green Initiative
  218. India’s First Sovereign Green Bonds Framework
  219. COP27: WMO unveils USD 3.1 billion action plan
  220. International Drought Resilience Alliance (IDRA)
  221. National Bio Energy Programme
  222. Pseudohelice annamalai
  223. COP27 Agenda: Inclusion of Loss and Damage Funding
  224. Indian Black Honeybee
  225. UNESCO: A Third of Glaciers in Word Heritage Sites will Disappear in 2050
  226. G20 Countries Spent Nearly 700 Billion USD to Support Fossil Fuels in 2021
  227. Baleen Whales Consume Millions of Microplastics Per Day
  228. IVRI calls for ban on aceclofenac in cattle
  229. 2022 Forest Declaration Assessment
  230. The State of Air Quality and Health Impacts in Africa
  231. 2022 NDC synthesis report
  232. 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference
  233. “The coldest year of the rest of their lives” report
  234. Migration of Great Indian Bustard
  235. Asia’s largest Compressed Bio Gas plant
  236. Climate Transparency Report 2022
  237. Tamil Nadu’s State-level Committee for Vulture Conservation
  238. What is Solar Facility?
  239. Paraliparis selti – new species of deep sea fish
  240. Death of Pilot Whales in New Zealand
  241. Living Planet Report 2022
  242. Discovery of ‘The Trapping Zone’ in Maldives
  243. Kadavur Slender Loris sanctuary
  244. Leopards in Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary
  245. Cheetah Task Force
  246. Ministerial dialogue of USISCEP
  247. Adoption of world’s first single charger rule
  248. Australia's Plan to Stop Extinction Crisis
  249. Bannerman’s Turaco
  250. Study on Fast Melting Arctic Ice and ocean acidification
  251. FSI Report on Tiger Safari Project in Corbett Tiger Reserve
  252. Revival of Sukapaika river
  253. Delhi Winter Action Plan
  254. Icaria: new catfish species
  255. Hurricane Ian
  256. Uttar Pradesh’s fourth tiger reserve
  257. JALDOOT App
  258. New Target under National Clean Air Programme
  259. TamiraSES project
  260. National Conference of Environment Ministers
  261. Rhino Memorial in Kaziranga National Park
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