2020-CGS-3: August 1-15, 2019

Model Questions

  1. Examine the key differences between working of the Small Finance Banks and Payment Banks in India.
  2. What are key roadblocks for India to achieve self sufficiency in the production of Urea? Critically Discuss.
  3. Does a complete separation of debt management and monetary policy role of RBI will be good in the interest of Economy? Analyze.
  4. How PRAGATI makes a new beginning for boosting good governance? Does it strengthen cooperative federalism? Opine.
  5. Discuss the impact of the US Fed’s rate cut on emerging economies with a special focus on India.
  6. How the National Time Release Study will aid in augmenting the ease of doing business in India? Give your views.
  7. How Quit India Movement marked the beginning of culmination of British Rule in India? Discuss.
  8. Despite of numerous efforts by Central and State governments to empower women, the sex ratio continues to be skewed. Analyze the reasons underlying.
  9. “Criminalization of Triple Talaq will prove to be counterproductive.” To what extent do you agree with such opinions? Discuss in the light of penal provisions in the Triple Talaq Act.
  10. Has the Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill 2019 stretched the string too far by banning not regulating the commercial surrogacy? Comment
  11. Why the Article 370 and Article 35A were matter of controversy for long? Does their abrogation pave a way for bringing peace to the Kashmir Valley?
  12. Highlight the Similarities and differences between the Union Territories of Jammu and Kashmir and National Capital Region of Delhi both of which are provided with legislatures.
  13. How the Jallianwala Bagh tragedy marked the beginning of new chapter in Indian Freedom Struggle? Discuss.
  14. How Social Media can become a asset in fighting against fake news and hate crimes? Discuss with suitable examples.
  15. Critically examine how Mekong Ganga Cooperation forms a bridge between India and ASEAN?
  16. Discuss the impacts of US withdrawal from the INF treaty with focus on India.
  17. Discuss the impacts of the rate cut of US Federal Bank on Indian Economy.
  18. Why the new methodology adopted by the CSO for the estimation of GDP has become a centre of controversy?
  19. India needs innovation to tackle the water crisis haunting the country. Discuss
  20. Integrating farmers with solar energy initiatives will assist in doubling farmer’s income. Examine.
  21. Despite the increasing numbers, Tigers in India are facing existential crisis. Examine.
  22. Sustainable Land Management must become key pillar in fight against climate change. Why?
  23. Differentiate between NEFT and RTGS.
  24. How initiatives such as Jumbo Kheti will be win-win strategy in tackling man-animal conflict.
  25. Why the US has named China as Currency Manipulator?
  26. Discuss how effective could be the National Medical Commission Act in dealing with lacunas dealing with Medical sector in India?
  27. Discuss the effectiveness of the measure of prescribing capital punishment in tackling menace of child sex abuse.
  28. How the institution of the office of chief of defence staff will overhaul the armed forces functioning in India?


Indian History

77th anniversary of Quit India movement

Every year 8th August is celebrated in India as August Kranti Divas to pay tribute is paid to revolutionaries who sacrificed their lives in freedom struggle against British rule. On the occasion, teachings of Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi are remembered. August Kranti Divas is considered as one of important milestones in history of freedom struggle of India.

August Kranti Divas

Why 8 August?

It was on 8 August a conch shell was blown for last battle for independence in Indian history. On this day in 1942, foundation of Quit India Movement was laid. Surrendering to the call of the leaders whole of India united against British rule. This forced the British had to give up their aspirations in India.

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