Mobile Kiosk for COVID-19 Sample Testing used in Agartala Smart City

The smart city, Agartala has implemented a mobile kiosk for sample collection. The kiosk makes sure there are no wastages in Personal Protective Equipment and also ensures protection to sample collecting medical professionals.


The kiosk running on three-wheeler vehicle enables navigation and helps in collection of samples from the community. There is no need for the patients to reach hospitals to give samples. The kiosk also helps in mass testing.

Austerity Measures

The Tripura Government has announced “austerity measures” to reduce expenditure and focus on optimum utilization of central government resources. The government office expenses were to be reduced by 15%. All the Government offices were instructed to make optimum utilization of their resources. They were strictly instructed to reduce telephone bills, power by 10%.

The Government is also focusing on e-mail usages to reduce paper expenses.

Agartala Smart City

The smart city project of Agartala was implemented at a cost of Rs 357 crores. The Asian Development Bank also funded by providing soft loans. Around Rs 2,000 crores were sanctioned in all by both the central and state governments.

In 2015, Agartala was selected as one of the 100 smart cities in the Smart City Programme of India. The city has a population of around 5.25 lakh people.


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