May 11: National Technology Day

Every year, National Technology Day is observed on May 11, 1974 in order to remind India’s technological advancements. This year the day is being observed under the theme

Theme: Focusing on Rebooting the economy through Science and Technology.

Why on May 11?

On May 11, India tested its first successful Shakti-I nuclear missile. The missile was tested in the Indian Army Pokhran Test Range, Rajasthan. The operation was called “Operation Shakti”. After the testing of Shakti-I nuclear missile, India also successfully tested two nuclear weapons.

May 11 was also the day the DRDO (Defence Research Development Organization) accomplished the test of Trishul missile. It also marks the flight of first indigenous aircraft called Hansa-3.

Operation Shakti

The code name of first phase of Operation Shakti was “Smiling Buddha”. It was conducted in May 1974. The second nuclear test, the phase II of Operation Shakti, conducted in 1998 was also called Pokhran II and was a series of 5 tests of nuclear bombs. It was led by the late President Dr Shri APJ Abdul Kalam. After this successful test, PM Vajpayee called India a complete nuclear state.

These nuclear tests brought several sanctions against India. The major countries that imposed sanctions on India were USA and Japan.


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  1. Dr.Cajetan Coelho

    May 16, 2020 at 11:43 pm

    Technology has to be at the service of human beings and the Planet. Not the other way round.

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