Mac-binding in J&K

The internet restrictions in Jammu and Kashmir was partially relaxed and internet connectivity is, now, to be available with mac-binding.

  • Mac-binding:

Mac-binding is the binding of the MAC address and the IP address. This implies that all requests from that IP address are served only by the system bearing that particular MAC address. MAC or Media Access Control address is a hardware identification number that is unique to each device. IP address is assigned to every device while accessing the internet.

  • Purpose of Mac-binding:

Mac-binding allows the authorities to link a particular online activity with the specific system that was used to carry it out. This is ensured as changing the MAC address or the IP address impedes the device from accessing the internet.

  •  Permitted Connections in J&K:

The internet can be currently accessed by post-paid SIM card holders and LAN (Local Area Network) users. However, in case of pre-paid SIM cards, the services can be accessed only after verification as per the norms applicable for post-paid connections. Also, the internet speed is restricted to 2G only.

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