Lunar Crater Named After Matthew Henson

The International Astronomical Union (IAU) has named a Lunar crater at the south pole of the moon after the Arctic explorer Matthew Henson.

Key Points

  • Matthew Henson was a Black man who was one of the first people who stand at the very top of the world, in 1909.
  • Proposal to name the crater after Henson was put forward by Jordan Bretzfelder who is an Exploration Science summer intern with Lunar & Planetary Institute, in Houston.

Artemis Programme

Artemis Programme was launched by NASA which aims to land the next slate of lunar explorers on the Henson Crater. They will be selected from NASA’s increasingly diverse astronaut pool. Henson Crater is located between Sverdrup and de Gerlache craters at the south pole of the Moon. This program provides a cornerstone to study planetary processes as well as to create the infrastructure to advance the human exploration at the Moon and on Mars.

Who was Matthew Henson?

Henson was an experienced explorer and skilled carpenter & craftsman. He stood at the front lines of almost a dozen Arctic expeditions that were organized by Robert Peary over the period of 18 years, including the one that reached the North Pole. Final push of that expedition was made by Henson. He was born in Maryland in 1866.

International Astronomical Union (IAU)

IAU is a non-governmental organisation set up with the objective of advancing astronomy in all aspects such as promoting astronomical research, outreach, education, and development. IAU was founded in 1919 with its headquarter in in Paris, France.


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