Joe Biden will run for President in 2020

The former Vice President of United States of America, Joe Biden has announced his joining the 2020 Democratic Presidential run by officially posting a video where he declared the above. The announcement has thus put to rest months of speculation over his candidature who is considered a stalwart of Democrats. Many opinion polls have already declared him as the early leader. The American media had long speculated that Biden will declare his bid for the nomination of his party for challenging President Donald Trump in 2020.

Joe Biden has served as the Vice President for two consecutive terms under the Obama Presidency. He has been in the US Senate for almost 36 years and is the second oldest to Senator Bernie Sanders who is 77, both of whom are candidates of the Democratic nominating contests.

Joe Biden will form an important figure in the Democratic debate about who should win back the White House-a centrist veteran person or a newcomer in politics. In his announcement, Biden said, “The core values of this nation…our standing in the world…our very democracy…everything that has made America-America-is at stake”. It is said that Biden is fond of his nick-name the “Middle-Class Joe” and has always touted his working-class roots. He had previously also made unsuccessful bids in the 1988 and 2008 nomination.

Joe Biden, however, is faced with many challenges. It was in last month that Biden had to answer to the comments made by 2014 lieutenant governor nominee in Nevada who had claimed that Biden had made her feel uneasy by touching her shoulders and kissing on the back of her head on a campaign event. Similar claims have come from many other women. The incident thus brings to fore the sought of vetting which Biden should be prepared for coming from both the Democrats and Republicans as he prepares to stand for the Presidency from a strong political starting point. The first bid which he had made in 1988 had ended in a plagiarism scam. He was also asked to give an explanation for his 1991 decision when he was the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee for letting Anita Hill face questions about her allegations against Clarence Thomas on sexual harassment. Biden had apologized for his role in the whole hearing.

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