International Olympic Day 2021

World Olympic Day is observed on June 23 across the world to embrace all through pure Olympic values.

Key points

  • This day signifies the Olympic Games which is held every four-year featuring summer and winter sports competitions.
  • During the event, thousands of athletes from world take part in several competitions.
  • Athletes participate in sports activities like runs, music, exhibitions, and educational seminars on this day.

Olympic Day

Olympic Day is observed on the basis of three pillars:

  1. Move
  2. Learn
  3. Detect

History of the day

World Olympic Day was introduced in 1948. It was started to commemorate the birth of modern Olympic Games on June 23, 1894. Modern Olympic Games was born at Sorbonne in Paris. Modern-day Olympic games are inspired by ancient Olympic Games which were held in Olympia, Greece between 8th century BC and 4th century AD.

Goal of the day

Olympic Day is celebrated to promote participation in sport across the world irrespective of gender, age, or athletic ability.

Modern Olympic Games

Olympic Games are leading international sporting events that features summer and winter sports competitions wherein thousands of athletes from world participate in several competition. These Games are considered world’s foremost sports competition in which about 200 nations participate. Games are normally held in Summer and Winter, every two years in four-year period.


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