India-UAE MoU for Scientific and Technical Cooperation

The Union Cabinet recently approved India-UAE Memorandum of Understanding for Scientific and Technical Cooperation.

What are the Key Features of India-UAE MoU?

  • The MoU provides sharing of knowledge between the countries
  • It will also allow to share information of data from satellites, radar, tide gauges, meteorological stations.
  • MoU also allows the countries to share knowledge of operational products for seismological and oceanic services.
  • To exchange experiences in terms of research scholars, scientists, specialists, etc.
  • To exchange technical and scientific information.
  • To deploy meteorological observation networks
  • Cooperation in early warnings of dust and sand storms through exchange of knowledge
  • Cooperation in the field of seismology. This includes study of seismic activities that has potential to generate Tsunami waves in Oman sea and Arabian sea.
  • Sharing of real time seismic data
  • Cooperation to support Tsunami Early Warning Centre designed to support Tsunami forecasting operations.

Why is the MoU important?

The weather services enhance the efficiency of weather dependent sectors of the economy. This includes agriculture and transport. The global cooperation in this field is highly important to modernize weather and forecasting services. This in turn will strengthen the resilience of the countries to fight against climate change and related disasters.

Also, both UAE and India are located in the same region of the World Meteorological Organization. The WMO divides the countries into six regions. The WMO is a specialised agency that promotes international cooperation in climatology, science, hydrology and geophysics. Therefore, it is important for India to sign such MoUs to increase cooperation among its regional partners.


UAE occupies key role in West Asia Policy of India. UAE accounts to 8% of oil imports of India.


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